Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday's Guilty Conscience #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Nicole tries to come clean to Daniel, JJ accidentally stands up Paige, Aiden seeks psychiatric help from Marlena, Theresa declares her innocence to Brady, Brady sticks up for Theresa, Marlena tells Eric that she wants him to be happy, and Liam continues being creepy.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Paige calls JJ. They agree to meet at the park. Abby overhears his call. Eric joins Marlena at the Pub.

Liam offers to help Jenn with her press release on Dan's drug test. Theresa talks to Brady at the K-Mansion.

Dan asks Nicole what is wrong. Jenn hugs Hope. Theresa asks Brady if he blames her for Dan's drug test.

Nicole tells Dan she needs to tell him everything.

Mary Beth figures out Paige is waiting for JJ. She doesn't want JJ to drag Paige down. Abby picks on JJ's. Jenn asks Liam to leave.

Jenn tells Hope she thinks Theresa drugged Dan. Eric tells Marlena that Nicole is his future. A phone call interrupts Nic's confession

Nicole tries to tell Dan that Theresa didn't drug him.

Jenn tells Hope that the hospital has to investigate before the SPD. JJ tells Abby not to tell Jenn about Paige so she won't nag him.

Abby to JJ: I am your sister, I don't have to listen.

Abby finds out about Dan's suspension. Theresa asks Brady if she believes him. Eric tells Marlena he won't marry Nicole right away.

Dan tells Nicole to stay away from Theresa. JJ and Abby show up at Dan's. Now Dan wants to hear from Nicole.

Marlena tells Eric she wants him happy, and to go for it. Eric leaves. Marlena tells Aiden that she's looking for him.

Chase gives Hope a "thank you" note. JJ is late to meet Paige because he went to Dan's. Nicole wants to talk strategy later.

JJ thinks Theresa drugged Dan. JJ apologizes to Nicole for being rotten to her in the past.

Brady tells Theresa that he goes after people who mess with those he loves.

Marlena blabs to Aiden that someone from the school is a new patient of hers, she assumes he referred them. He didn't.

Aiden says he asked for Marlena's card for personal reasons. Brady has doubts about Theresa. Mary Beth and Paige leave the park.

Daniel doesn't want JJ going after Theresa. Nicole meets up with Eric. She says she's a jerk for not helping Dan.

Dan talks JJ out of helping him. JJ realizes he's late to meet Paige. Paige and Mary Beth show up at the Club.

Nicole tells Eric that she's not a great friend. Aiden wants assured by Marlena that she will be discreet. Hope walks in.

Brady tells Theresa that he does believe her. He says he will come after her if she's involved at all with Daniel's drugging.

Theresa leaves the K-Mansion. Theresa thinks about admitting she gave Liam a key to Dan's apartment.

Jenn tells Liam that she believes Daniel completely, then leaves. He's furious.

JJ shows up at the park to see Paige is gone. He texts her that he wants to meet up. Mary Beth deletes it.

Hope tells Aiden that she didn't know he knew Marlena. Eric says helping Dan must be done the right way. Theresa finds Dan.

Brady joins Jenn at the hospital. He asks her if it could be someone else. Liam is talking to himself.

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