Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday's "Go Pack" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Sheryl confronts Kate and then leaves town, Daniel offers to Paige to watch him in surgery, Liam drugs Daniel's orange juice, Jordan again gets Rafe to back off about her past, and Lucas tells Kate that he's done with her personally.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Dannifer talk to JJ/Paige at the Square. WilSon in their hotel honeymoon suite. Jafe argue about her past. It is driving him nuts.

Sheryl overhears Kate's answering machine message about Jordan's past in the Ozarks. She's horrified.

They need to put bells on everyone in Salem so they will stop bumping into each other.

Lucas gets out of the shower to find an empty bed. He plays Kate's message. Sheryl is in Lucas' office pissed at Kate.

Lucas hears Kate's message. He's pissed. Sheryl figures out she's a pawn. Rafe promises Jordan that he has her back.

Liam is still obsessing with Jenn. Dannifer leave.

Liam has another dumb fantasy about Jenn. Dan says Jenn embarrassed JJ. Jenn didn't know JJ likes Paige.

JJ and Paige go after Dannifer. Paige wants to be pre-med. They all go to Jenn's to talk. Kate figures out that Sheryl heard Lucas's message

Sheryl says she's going to tell Jordan.

Kate threatens to ruin Sheryl's career if she squeals to Jordan. Kate offers her a promotion for staying quiet. Lucas barges in.

Sheryl runs out. Kate tells Lucas to fix his fly.

Liam overhears Dan and Paige's conversation about college majors. Sheryl texts Jordan about an emergency. Jordan calls her.

Jordan agrees to meet Sheryl.

Sonny warns Will about Nick turning Gabi. Sheryl meets with Jafe when Kate/Lucas show up. Paige wants to be a surgeon.

Liam takes notes of the Dannifer conversation, especially the part about Dan's protein drink.

For those of you suffering from deja vu, Brady also had spiked protein drinks not too long ago.

Sheryl cries & tells Jordan that she got a promotion and has to move to Houston. Jafe leave. Kate tells Sheryl that she came through 4 them

JJ offers to go with Paige to surgery. Jenn wants to celebrate with Dan. Liam is in Dan's apartment.

WilSon discuss their favorite part of their wedding. Jordan asks about Rafe's sister, Ari to show how she feels about taking about the past.

Jordan says she won't take off again. Lucas tells Sheryl that he didn't use her. She's not buying it. Kate tells her to go pack.

Sheryl leaves. Lucas asks Kate if she's happy. Lucas tells Kate that she's on her own. Paige kisses JJ on the cheek.

Dannifer make plans for the next day. Liam puts drugs in Dan's orange juice.

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