Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday's Super Boring #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, pretty much nothing happened.  Rafe agrees to stop snooping on Nick, Ben is not happy to hear that Rafe is former FBI, Daniel gets a light suspension, and Jennifer gets manipulated into finding drugs at Daniel's apartment.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Nicole has a daydream of everyone finding out about shredding the evidence. Nick tells Gabi he found a custody lawyer for her.

Ben calls Jordan asking to meet her. She blows him off. Rafe calls Tim who works for the FBI. Anne gloats to Theresa about Dan's hearing.

Jenn tells Dan she can't go to his hearing. Liam meets a mystery woman to talk about Dan. Nicole calls Eric to meet.

Anne got Jenn kicked from the hearing. Only Brady will be pro-Dan at the hearing. Theresa talks to Brady about the hearing.

Liam pays the woman he met.

Jordan overhears Rafe talking about investigating a guy. Jordan asks him what he knows about Ben.

Gabi tells Nick that she thinks Sami is going to pull something to take Ari from her. Brady tells Theresa to stay out of it.

Anne tells Theresa that she has Dan's apartment key. Eric asks Nicole if she knows something about Dan. Jenn leaves Dan's place.

Jenn gets a call from Liam's mystery woman to meet her about Daniel.

Nick offers to move to NYC so Sami will back off of Gabi. Rafe claims his call to the FBI was police business. She doesn't buy it.

Rafe says the call was about Gabi, not Ben. Gabi basically gives Nick the green light to help her against Sami.

Theresa lies that she lost Dan's key. Nicole says she doesn't have any info on Dan's case. Mystery woman shows up at Jenn's.

Rafe tells Jordan he's investigating Nick. The FBI guy has no record on Nick. Rafe asks to postpone their date. Jordan apologizes.

Jordan tells Rafe to go easy on Gabi. Gabi tells Nick that she knows he has her back. Nick leaves when Gabi gets a text about Rafe coming.

Gabi tells Nick that he's the only one she can trust. Dan shows up for the hearing. Eric makes Nicole promise not to risk their future

Eric gets a text from Theresa and leaves. Brady runs Dan's hearing. Mystery woman claims to be a substitute cleaning lady at Dan's building.

Nicole finds something while using her office computer. Cleaning lady found something in Dan's apartment.

Nick orders a ginger ale from Sonny. He mentions the custody agreement. Sonny tells Nick he doesn't buy his act.

Jordan meets Ben. Ben chides her for getting involved with a cop. Rafe asks Gabi where Nick worked in NYC.

Rafe tells Gabi that the FBI found no evidence of Nick being in NYC.

Nick tells Sonny that he doesn't care if Sonny believes if he's changed. Gabi is mad that Rafe investigated Nick.

Gabi tells Rafe that Nick is the one keeping her out of trouble. Ben hugs Jordan. Anne gives the drug test evidence.

Anne brings up that Theresa almost died from an overdose while with Dan. Brady defends Dan. Nicole notices Liam changes jobs often.

Nicole finds Liam's divorce record. Eric asks Theresa what her part was about what happened to Dan. Brady declares a recess.

Jenn checks out Daniel's apartment.

Jordan tells Ben that Rafe was FBI. She says, "he can end this, & it will all be over." Gabi says this thing is worse than the Melanie thing

Rafe tells Gabi that everyone can go to prison if he doesn't let it go with Nick. Nick tells Sonny that he and Gabi are together.

Rafe agrees to back off. So he's ok with his sister and his girlfriend keeping secrets from him.

Eric tells Theresa that this is her last chance. She denies being involved and leaves. Nicole calls Liam's ex who hangs up.

Liam asks the mystery woman how it went. Brady says there's no credible evidence Dan knowingly took drugs.

Dan is back on non-surgical duties tomorrow with drug testing for 30 days. Jenn finds drugs in Dan's apartment.

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