Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday's "Like Malaria" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Lush have sex, Paige agrees to date JJ, Hope overhears Aiden telling his son that they can't go back to Portland, EJ tries to get Kate to consider reuniting with Stefano, and Sheryl overhears Kate's plot to take down Jordan.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Hope talks to Caroline at the Pub. Caroline is mad that Bo wasn't at the wedding. Hope offers to help her a the Pub.

Abby runs into Paige jogging at the park. JJ makes a mess of the Horton house. Aiden shows up at the house.

Sami tells EJ that Stefano is acting weird today. They spy Kate leaving a message to Ortiz. Lush working together.

Jordan calls Rafe to make plans. Ben finds her. Rafe does a google search of Ben Ridgeway.

Lush kiss. Sami leaves. EJ sneaks up on Kate. Kate says EJ has "the look of a man I am going to say 'no' to."

Caroline talks to Hope about raising money for the school. Hope refuses to volunteer at the school. Aiden tells JJ that he got transferred.

JJ tells Aiden that he doesn't want to be transferred from cleaning the Square to the hospital. Paige lost her phone. Abby finds it broken.

Abby offers to pay to fix Paige's phone. Sheryl tells Lucas that she likes him a lot. Sami is at the door. Lucas says she's like malaria.

Sami sees Sheryl's smeared lip gloss and that Lucas has it on his face. EJ tells Kate that Stefano is full of hope of a State reunion.

Kate calls EJ "a pimp." lol

Rafe can't find any records about Ben. He googles Jordan.

Abby asks Paige to go to her place so she can pay her for the phone. Aiden figures out that JJ met a girl and that's why he won't transfer.

Hope rips on Aiden to Caroline. Hope thinks Father Louie coached Caroline to talk her into co-chairing with Aidan.

Sami tells Lucas that she hopes he's happy. EJ claims that Stefano is sorry for hurting Kate.

EJ says Stefano trying to emasculate Rafe was his way of showing he cares for Kate. lol

Ben apologizes to Jordan for making things worse for her again.

Rafe can't bring himself to google Jordan. EJ says Stefano only wants a chance with Kate. She refuses. He kisses her on the cheek.

Sami tells Lucas that Ejami are going to spread sunshine. Sami leaves Lucas alone. Sheryl comes back. She asks him to lunch.

Paige tries to get out of going into the Horton house. JJ is there shirtless.

EJ helps Allie with long division. Sami watches them. Chase and Aiden talk in the park. Chase wants to move back to Portland.

Hope doesn't get why everyone loves Aiden. Hope and Jordan meet at the Pub. Abby breaks up the awkwardness of Paige and JJ.

JJ offers to take Paige to the Square to get her phone fixed. She agrees.

Allie thanks EJ and leaves. Ejami kiss. Paige waits to get her phone fixed, she tells JJ he doesn't have to stick around. He asks her out.

Ben tells Abby that she looked beautiful for the wedding. Lush start having sex in one of their bedrooms. Ortiz calls Kate.

Hope overhears Chase complaining that he has no friends in Salem. Aiden can't come up with a good reason to stay in Salem.

Aiden sees Hope eavesdropping when he says they can't move back to Portland.

Aiden shoos Chase away. Aiden gets on Hope for spying on him. Ben and Abby introduce themselves. Paige agrees to go out with JJ.

Lush finish sex. Lucas offers to shower with Sheryl. Sheryl overhears Kate leaving a message for Lucas.

Kate says on the answering machine that Sheryl's info about Jordan and the Ozarks was a good lead for Ortiz. Sheryl's shocked.

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