Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday's "A New Amusement" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Eric tells Nicole he is willing to marry her without the church's blessing, Daniel tests positive for pain killers, Abe asks Jennifer's advice about dating after losing a spouse, Hope rescues Chase from a robbery, Hope and Aiden bury the hatchet, Brady tells Maggie that he is with Theresa because she doesn't know the Kristen story, Bev decides to go after JJ, and Nicole catches Liam after he gets rid of the drugged orange juice at Daniel's. You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Paige and JJ go jogging. Jenn and Abe plan a party in Lexie's honor. Abe feels guilty about moving on from Lexie's death.

Jenn has the nerve to tell Abe that she can relate to dating after losing a spouse. Abe's been celibate for 2 years, Jenn about 2 min.

Nicole runs off from Eric. Theresa thinks Brady is going to dump her. She says making love to him was incredible.

A guy tries to steal Chase's phone. Dan starts a yawning chain reaction at the hospital. Liam eavesdrops while Dan is groggy.

Anne tells Nicole that Mr. Burns won't see her. Anne rips on Nicole wearing red. Hope pulls a gun on the phone robber.

Aiden joins Chase and Hope. JJ asks Paige to hang out at his place. Mary Beth asks if JJ is harassing Paige.

Liam chats up Nicole. Nicole tells Eric that she doesn't have time to talk to him. The other surgeon thinks there's something wrong w Dan.

Aiden wants to spend the day with Chase, Chase wants to go to judo class. Aiden thanks Hope. JJ tells Mary Beth to mind her business.

Mary Beth tells Paige to ditch JJ. Nicole wants Eric to put her out of her misery. Brady is not dumping Theresa.

Maggie watches Brady/Theresa. Maggie tells them that she wishes Brady would find "a new amusement."

Dan rushes out of surgery.

Eric tells Nicole that he can't imagine his life without her. He asks her to marry him even if the church doesn't give their blessing.

Aiden is really shaken up after Chase almost got robbed. Paige tells Mary Beth to butt out. Paige leaves JJ. Bev and Rory show up.

Theresa thanks Maggie for telling Brady to stay away from her drives him towards her. Theresa leaves. Dan is lying on a couch.

Maxine draws blood from Dan. Dan tells Jenn his symptoms. He thinks his shakes are back.

Nicole asks Eric if he's sure. Eric says God didn't want him to remain a priest because the evidence didn't turn up.

Nicole promises not to rush. I will believe it when I see it. They kiss. Aiden apologizes to Hope for being wrong about her.

Aiden asks Hope to accept his apology. Jenn tells Dan that he will be just fine. He stops trembling.

Hope accepts Aiden's apology. Rory teases Bev that she finds a way to get what she wants. Aiden wants to team up with Hope.

Maggie calls Theresa "a tragedy waiting to happen" to Brady. Brady says he likes Theresa because she doesn't know what Kristen did to him.

Eric leaves. Nicole calls Dan. Dan says he only had a protein drink today. Liam subs new orange juice for the drugged one.

Ciara is in judo too. She says her mom is a hero. Brady tells Maggie that "self involved doesn't begin to describe Theresa."

Theresa sneaks into work. Eric asks Maxine what happened to Dan. Anne hears that Dan had drugs in his system.

Nicole sees Liam in Daniel's apartment building.

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