Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday's "Let the Games Begin" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Nicole learns valuable information from Debra, Jennifer believes Daniel was set up, Liam fumes, Jennifer heads to the Horton Cabin, Daniel tricks Theresa into a partial confession, JJ dumps Paige due to her acceptance to Stanford, Wilson and Sami worry about Gabi and Nick, and Aiden comes up with a legal game plan for Gabi.  You should follow me on twitter. 

By the way, about safe deposit boxes, you cannot access another person's box.  A teller must be present.  The teller and the owner of the box open the box jointly with their keys.  And another person cannot be in the safe deposit box room with them.  In case you wanted to know.

  Here are today's live tweets:

Sami shows up at the Wilson apartment. Sami guesses that Gabi is with Nick. Nabi meet with Aiden at the Pub.

Gabi wants Nick to stay while she talks to Aiden. Paige and JJ talk about her acceptance to Stanford.

JJ says that Paige didn't tell him about going to CA for 4 years. Possessive much? You guys are barely dating.

Nicole notices that Liam's ex looks like Jenn. Jenn shows Dan painkillers prescribed in her name.

Sami tells Wilson that they are "walking on broken glass" with Nabi. Sami wants Justin to help, Will says EJ is going to help.

Anne asks Theresa why she's worried. Theresa pinches her to get her to shut up. They go to her office.

Liam's ex talks about his history of obsessive behavior. Liam overhears Jenn tell Dan that he was set up.

Nick mentions Sami to Aiden. Nick smiles when Aiden remembers Sami's murder trial last year. Sami apologizes to Wilson for causing problems.

Gabi tells Aiden she almost miscarried when Sami argued with her over custody. Anne asks Theresa where is the key.

Liam's ex tells Nicole that Liam went crazy when they separated. Jenn feels terrorized about the amount of planning to frame Dan.

Sami wonders if Gabi is scared of Nick. Aiden questions Nabi's relationship. JJ apologizes for being a jerk.

JJ mocks Paige for being smarter than him. JJ should stick with Bev, she's definitely not Stanford material.

Debra tells Nicole that Liam gossiped about her and he got people to believe she was a drug addict. She refuses to come forward.

Debra asks Nicole if Liam has something on her. Jenn wants to get a camera to film who is breaking into Dan's apartment.

Liam flips out overhearing Jenn say her love is deeper now for Dan. Liam stabs Jenn's picture.

Will says Gabi is attracted to Nick. Will compares EJ to NIck. Will tells her not to be so quick to rip on Gabi considering her past.

Will and Sami apologize to each other. Sami finds Nick's wedding gift to Wilson. Aiden talks about Nick's murder conviction.

Nick says his background won't come up in a hearing. Debra tells Nicole to protect herself. Dan is changing his locks.

Liam realizes he lost Jenn forever. He should have considered himself lucky.

Will asks Sami what choice do they have with Nick blackmailing them. Aiden has some ideas for Gabi.

JJ tells Paige that it is pointless for them to see each other. He leaves. Debra has a key for a joint safe deposit box.

Debra tells Nicole that Liam probably has the dirt on her in the safety deposit box.

Sami tells Will that it is going to work out. She leaves. Will thinks she's up to something. Aiden's proposal limits Will's custody.

Aiden tells Gabi that he only represents her. Gabi doesn't get it. She's so dumb.

Dan's lock is changed. Dan plans on checking the prescription records. Nicole decides to go to the security box.

Liam follows Jenn from the K-Mansion. Dan blows up at Theresa at the hospital.

Gabi returns to the apartment. Gabi tells Will that she met a lawyer, and walks out of the room. Will says, "let the games begin."

Nick wants to talk to Sami. JJ calls Bev to go out on a date. Paige is still thinking of JJ. Dan threatens to call Hope on Theresa.

Jenn shows up at the Horton cabin. She hears someone outside. Liam sneaks up Nicole at the safe deposit box.

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