Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday's "Family Matters" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, the Wilson wedding ceremony proceeds including the reception, Liam plants Jennifer's checkbook in Daniel's box of toys, and Nicole asks Eric about their wedding.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Joining a tad late, Dichole enter Jenn's house. Marlena starts the ceremony. Caroline is asked to speak first. She seems confused.

Eric tells Caroline it is her turn to speak. She begins her speech. She talks about their business neighbors. Everyone looks confused.

Liam tries to find a hiding place at Jen's. Dan decides to go through the toys after finding zombie action figures in the box.

Dichole finds something odd at Jenn's house. Caroline tells a story about how a gay couple was hiding from their families.

Caroline wishes WilSon a lifetime of laughter and finishing each other's sentences. She gets applause.

Justin tells the crowd that Sonny is fearless. Nicole snoops in Jenn's checkbook registry. Dichole has more chemistry than Dannifer.

Lucas jokes that Will's coming out was drama-free.

Lucas says that Will was the best thing Lumi could ever ask for. Lucas apologizes to WilSon for his reaction to their relationship.

That's a good idea for Sonny to show pictures after the wedding. Showing pics during the wedding has proven to be a bad idea.

Back at Dan's, Nicole says she can't wait to plan her wedding. Dan flashes back to Eric saying he can't marry Nicole.

Sonny tells Will that he is his "anchor that doesn't weigh him down." And being with him is his greatest adventure.

Will says, "it felt like my skin was a coat that was too heavy." "I respect you, I admire you, I adore you, and most of all I love you."

Abby and Gabi give the guys their rings. They say their vows. Marlena pronounces them husbands for life.

The Wilson wedding reception is on. Will tells Sami that Lumi taught him that "family matters." Baby Ari is photobombing right now.

Magic compliment Caroline's speech. Theresa and Brady eye each other. Ciara loves Theresa's purse. She wants Theresa to teach her about boys

omg...Ciara is going to be fun when she's a teenager.

Dichole leave Dan's apartment. Liam breaks in. Jordan takes a pic of Abby and Gabi outside. Ejami is kissing.

Sami thanks Abby for helping with the wedding. First dance for Will and Sonny. JJ plays guitar. Sami cries for the 3rd time this eppy.

EJ tells Will that the room at the Salem Inn is ready. Sonny promises Will a real honeymoon. RoMarlena talk about Carrie and the baby.

Theresa tells Jenn to back off. Theresa tells her that lot of people hate Jenn's guts. She runs into a waiter's tray. Everyone laughs.

Nicole discusses wedding gowns. Dan says she's getting ahead of herself. She catches on that Dan knows something.

Eric and Jenn decide to join Dichole at the Club. Brady kisses Theresa. Roman asks, "what the hell is this?"

Adrienne and Sami fight over who gets to toast first.

Roman tells Brady he is supposed to keep Theresa out of trouble. Sami and Adrienne take turns with their toasts and competing w each other.

Jenn and Eric save Dan from explaining about Eric's thoughts on marriage. Will takes Kate outside.

Diva of DOOL Carrie 1m Will asks if Kate is mad that Marlena married them. She's not, and they hug.

Wilson cut their cake. Dannifer leave Ericole alone. Eric says it is time for him to come clean. Dannifer go back to Dan's.

Jenn finds her checkbook in the toy box that Liam planted. He's listening to them remotely. Wilson have confetti thrown on them.

Wilson leave the K-Mansion, and kiss.

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