Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday's "Spit in Your Eye" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, the drug investigation of Daniel continues, Theresa and Nicole separately suspect Liam but remain quiet, Julie gets played by Nick, Gabi gets another modeling gig, Maxine bores Abe with Dannifer stories on their date, and Sami and Gabi fight over Gabi seeing Nick.  You should follow me on twitter Here are today's live tweets:

Nick tells Julie he wasn't invited to the wedding. Anne rubs it in to Dannifer about Dan's drug use. Nicole sees Liam in the elevator.

Julie is mad that Theresa was invited to the wedding, and not Nick. She says they "spit in your eye."

Julie blames Nick not being invited on Sami. Gabi gets an offer to model. She says she has to thank Nick.

Nicole asks Liam again why he's in Daniel's hallway. Anne wants Dan suspended. Kayla joins the conversation.

Nick tells Julie that things are good w Gabi and work. Julie tells him to move on. He says Gabi is the best thing that ever happened to him

EJ tells Sami to let Gabi make up her own mind about Nick. Sami leaves the mansion. Liam claims he's dating a doctor in Dan's building

Maxine tells Eric that Dan did fail a drug test. Theresa talks to Eric about it. Kayla tells Dan he will be suspended while they investigate

Dan gets dizzy. Maxine says he should be admitted. Eric tells Theresa that he thinks Dan was drugged. Theresa thinks Liam did it.

When Nicole doesn't buy Liam's story, he brings up seeing her at the truck stop.

Dan is admitted. Kayla retested him. Jenn wants Dan 2 retrace his steps. Jenn says his home is going 2 be tested. Dan suspects Theresa

Nicole knocks on Dan's door. She gets a text from Eric and leaves. Julie trashes Gabi to Nick, then talks to Sami.

Maxine bumps into Abe. Abe offers to take her out to eat. Kayla encourages her. She agrees. Anne tells Theresa to be careful.

Gabi thanks EJ for being great to her. Julie accuses Sami of not inviting Nick to the wedding, Sami says it was WilSon's idea.

Julie tells Sami that everyone has forgiven her mistakes over and over again. Sami says Nick has gotten everything he wanted.

Jenn tells Eric that Anne and Theresa are probably behind the drugging. Eric gives Theresa the benefit of a doubt.

Liam shows up at the hospital. Anne tells him the rumor. Theresa eavesdrops. Maxine tells Abe that Dan helped put her life back together.

Kayla says the coffee pot is negative and so is his coffee cup. Nicole slips into Dan's room. Sami tells Nick he plays Julie.

Sami recognizes Nick's shoes as the one she found at Gabi's.

Maxine needs to stop talking Dannifer on her date with Abe. She leaves. The press is on the Dan story. Liam joins Jenn.

Liam tells Jenn that doctors are under a lot of pressure. Eric asks Theresa about Dan. Eric tells her that Dan was drugged.

Dan tells Nicole that he was drugged.

EJ tells Nick that his wedding gift to Wilson is a ploy to get Gabi. Nick tells EJ to put Sami on a leash.

Sami calls Gabi a lying bitch. Gabi slaps her. Eric tells Theresa to step up if she knows who drugged Dan. Liam asks if Jenn knows Dan

Dan tells Nicole what happened. She flashes back to Liam being at Dan's apartment building.

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