Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday's "Straight and Narrow Disease" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, EJAbby find out she's not pregnant but the doctor works for Stefano, Kate fulfills a promise to Chad by agreeing to dinner with Stefano, JJ isn't happy with his friends' prank, Brady is jealous of Liam with Theresa, and Ben tells Jordan that he's the only one she can trust.  You should follow me twitter.  No live tweets tomorrow, but I will be back on Friday.  Here are today's live tweets:

Rafe tells Kate that Jordan stayed in Salem. Jordan talks to Ben at the Club.

Rory and Bev prank JJ by breaking into his account and sending Paige a friend request which she denies.

Brady tries to stop himself from drinking at the K-Mansion. EJAbby find out she's not pregnant. Abby gets very emotional.

Liam tells Theresa that he dated Jenn. Tre calls him "the rebound guy." Sami talks to Stefano at the mansion about the wedding.

Abby realizes that EJAbby is over.

Brady sees Theresa talking to Liam. Kate tells Rafe that Jordan stayed because of him. Ben asks Jordan if she's staying because of Rafe.

Abby is told she had a stomach virus. Sami wants Stefano to give EJ his freedom, and let them move out.

Dr. Garcia calls Stefano. Now this shizz is getting good!

EJ says when Abby falls in love, he would love to tell the young man how lucky he is. He leaves, she tears up.

Liam leaves. Theresa thinks it's cool that Brady is jealous. Kate tells Rafe that he softened up Jordan. She says she's happy for him.

Kate wonders what Jordan is up to. Ben tells Jordan that he's the only one she can trust. He asks her to think if she's lying to herself.

Marybeth wants Paige to report JJ for harassment. Paige says she got JJ's message. He has no idea what she's talking about.

Jordan tells Abby that she's staying in Salem. Jordan asks her what is wrong. Stefano hangs up with Dr. Garcia.

EJ asks Stefano if he saw his bride to be. Stefano says, "who?" lol

JJ denies sending Paige a message. JJ checks his phone and sees what his friends did.

Abby tells Jordan that she got lucky. lol Yeah she did. They discuss new beginnings. Chad calls Kate. Kate agrees to do a favor.

Sami joins EJ and Stefano. Ejami kiss while Stefano watches from a distance.

I need my own Diva cave so I can watch in peace!

JJ gets mad at Bev and Rory outside the Pub. Bev says he's got "straight and narrow disease." JJ denies carrying about Paige.

Rafe joins Jordan in the Square while Abby leaves. They kiss. Abby gets sad seeing the happy couple. Ejami get happy in bed.

Sami asks EJ if he talked to Stefano about Stefano's ED problem. Well sex is one way to get Sami out of that awful dress.

Brady takes Theresa to the K-Mansion.

Jordan leaves for the hospital. Ben was watching them. Abby sees a couple with a baby. Ejami finish. Sami asks if he took a sample. lol

Abby calls Sami after EJ got out of bed. She says there is something she needs to know. Kate calls Stefano for dinner.

Abby tells Sami that she's not pregnant. Abby hangs up. EJ comes out of the shower. Sami tells EJ the news.

Sami wonders what type of loser Abby hooked up with. Brady and Theresa kiss. He wants to go upstairs. She wants to stay in the living room.

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