Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday's "Radioactive" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Mary Beth trashes JJ to Paige, Stefano visits Nicole, Roman tells Eric to listen to Marlena, Jordan and Rafe make love, Abby has a nightmare that EJ has her drugged and aborts their baby, Marlena talks to Chyka, Ciara hears from Hope that Bo won't be home any time soon, and Ericole kiss.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

EJAbby are meeting with the doctor. JJ stalks Paige at the school library. Jordan is lying on her bed thinking of Rafe.

Nicole texts Eric. Stefano is at her door looking at her up and down. Roman joins Eric at the Pub. Roman wants Eric to cut Marlena a break.

Marlena trashes Nicole to Hope. Hope gives her a plug in to find Chyka's location via Stefano's computer.

Stefano asks if Nicole is going out with Father Eric. Abby tells EJ has time to make a clean getaway. They hold hands.

JJ is concerned Paige got the wrong idea about him. Rafe gets a call from Gabi. Jordan is ready to leave town.

Roman tells Eric about the bad things Nicole did to Sami. Stefano and Nicole exchange insults. Abby gets knocked out by the doctor.

JJ meets Paige's friend, Mary Beth who is not on . Jordan sneaks up on Rafe at the Square. She's staying in Salem.

Eric agrees to talk to Marlena about Nicole. Nicole asks how she ruined Eric's life considering what Kristen did to him.

Stefano tells Nicole what little use he has for her. Hope talks to Marlena about Bo. Stefano texts Marlena: NOW.

Abby wakes up from being drugged. The doctor says she is no longer pregnant. Abby woke up from her dream.

Abby throws up. Mary Beth tells Paige JJ"s rap sheet. JJ calls Mary Beth "a know it all stuck up bitch." Rafe kisses Jordan.

Nicole meets Eric at Jenn's office. She mentions Stefano. Marlena says she was searched at the door at the Mansion. He takes her phone

Marlena coughs so Stefano will give her water while she puts the device in the computer. Chyka is on the computer. Jafe have sex.

EJ is outside Abby's door. She hides from him.

Mary Beth says JJ is "radioactive." JJ and Rory are at JJ's house. What kind of school is this that you can leave campus any time you want?

Hope has lunch with Ciara at the Pub. Hope says Bo won't be home for a long time, and he's undercover. Ciara is mad that Bo didn't tell her.

Abby is at the hospital. EJ follows her and asks why she's avoiding him. Marlena asks Chyka about Nicole.

Chyka tells Marlena he can't help her.

Ciara cries that she wants Bo home. Hope hugs her. Abby denies to EJ that she's avoiding him. Abby won't go to his doctor.

Chyka denies telling Nicole anything. Eric shows Nicole some pics he took of her. Ericole kiss. Chyka says he left his things.

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