Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday's "Operation: Jennifer" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Maggie and Daniel think of ways to stop Brady and Theresa, Father Louis tells Eric that most churches wouldn't marry Ericole due to Nicole's divorces, Gabi fights to have Nick invited to the Wilson wedding, and Theresa figures out that Liam is the one harassing Jennifer.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

I missed Tuesday's eppy. Another stupid Liam fantasy. This is not starting off well.

Anne leaves a message for Theresa. Jenn asks about "Operation Jennifer." Brady brings Theresa back to the K-Mansion.

Gabi wants Sonny to invite Nick to the wedding. Abby agrees with Gabi. Nick and Will talk at the Club. Nicole stops by Daniel's.

Nicole apologizes to Dan. Eric meets with Father Louis about his conversation with Nicole. Nicole tells Dan that Ericole is getting married.

Eric tells Father Louis that there's a major obstacle to him marrying Nicole.

Gabi says it will be weird if Nick as a Horton is not invited to the wedding. Gabi mentions that even Theresa is invited.

Nick tells Will that he changed because none of Will's loved ones are in prison.

About Jenn's photoshopped pic, Anne: If your rack looked that good, you would be a much happier camper.

Maggie sees Brady pouring a drink. Dan tells Nicole that marriage seems too soon. Nic admits that Eric didn't propose.

Nicole tells Dan that she tried to seduce Eric. Eric doesn't think the church will recognize a marriage to Nicole.

Sonny tells Gabi that she knows damn well why Nick is not invited to the wedding. Sonny tells Abby it is about Nick/NYC.

Sonny tells Gabi that Wilson will never let Nick have Gabi and Ari. Nick calls Wilson, "an old fashioned romance."

Will asks Nick if he's jealous. Nick says Sonny found his pot of gold under the rainbow with Will. Another stupid Liam fantasy.

Theresa shows up at work. Anne asks if she was drinking with Brady. Anne tells Theresa that Jenn is on "high alert."

Anne threatens Theresa to focus on Jenn or she'll be sent back to LA. Brady blames his drinking on John.

Dan tells Nicole to take things slow. Nicole thinks he is talking about Dichole.

Nick makes fun of Will's family's marital luck. Nick leaves. Brady tells Maggie about John bribing Theresa with a job.

Maggie refers to Theresa as a "twit." Liam asks Theresa out to eat. She agrees. She's been at work for about ten minutes.

Eric tells Father Louis that Nicole is very giving and needy. He mentions her multiple marriages.

Father Louis tells Eric that Nicole's divorces will make most churches not consider an Ericole marriage.

Maggie wants Brady in AA. Brady doesn't want to hear it. Maggie calls someone and says she needs to see them now.

Nicole talks to Jenn at work. Jenn invites Nicole to coffee. Wow. Hell must have froze over.

Liam asks Theresa about Brady.

Nick tells Abby and Gabi that he understands why he isn't invited to the wedding. Will asks Sonny why he proposed.

Nicole meets with Eric. She says she loves him, and kisses him. Maggie talks to Dan about Brady. Dan doesn't know what to do.

Jenn drops by the mansion to give Maggie Tom Horton's watch for Will. Brady puts it in a desk. Jenn asks if he's ok.

Brady tells Jenn that he's seeing Theresa. Jenn says it is great. Brady gives her the wtf look.

Liam denies carrying a torch for Jenn. Theresa finds a pic Liam has in his wallet of Jenn.

Nicole tells Eric that he is a positive influence on her. Nicole brings up marriage. Eric says, "yeah about that.."

Sonny says the day Will got shot was the day he decided to get married. Nick tells Gabi that he doesn't want to pressure her.

Brady asks Jenn on what she knows about Theresa. He thinks Theresa slept with Dan. Maggie asks Dan how to get rid of Theresa.

Theresa tells Liam he is the one harassing Jennifer.

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