Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday's "Hero Complex" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Hope tells Sami that she's not happy about the earrings, John and Brady argue, Nick tells EJ who is boss, Nick tells Lucas who is boss, Jordan tells Rafe and Ben that she's leaving town, Sami wants Brady to help break up Ericole, and Hope gets bad news from Bo.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Sami apologizes for buying Ciara 4k worth of earrings. Nick denies trying to get Gabi back to EJ. Nick says he and EJ are similar.

Kate calls Ortiz to tell him to find the connection between Jordan and the Ozarks. Lucas isn't happy. Jordan says she has to move.

Jordan claims she has a West Coast job. Brady opens Theresa's door to find his father. Brady figures out that John was following him.

Lucas accuses of Kate wanting Rafe back. She denies it. Theresa comes out of the bedroom a little less dressed in front of John.

John and Brady talk in the hallway. John wants to help.

Sami tells Hope that Ciara insisted on the expensive earrings. Sami says Ciara needed to be cheered up. She wants Sami to respect her values

Sami runs into Aiden with food at the bake sale. Aiden needs some sort of alarm when he gets near people with food.

Brady denies having a drinking problem to John..Brady says John is waiting to tell him "I told you so."

Nick says his only motivation is for Gabi to be happy. Nick reminds EJ that he is the one in the position of power.

Keep Daniel Cosgrove in leather. Just saying.

Haiden bicker again. Kate promises that her Ozarks lead doesn't go back to Lush. Jordan insists on leaving town, Rafe leaves.

Theresa eavesdrops on John/Brady. John says he didn't go to the Bristen wedding because he thought he would make things worse.

Brady tells Theresa that John has a "hero complex." Brady takes her out. Hope insists on everything being marked $4.

Hope ducks out of the bake sale because of John's text. Ben meets Jordan. She says she's leaving Salem tomorrow.

Brady and Theresa run into Sami at the Sq. Sami wants to talk to him alone. Tre is offended. Sami warns Brady about Theresa.

Brady tells Sami he saw John. John tells Hope not to tell Marlena he's in town yet. He has a message from Bo.

Kate and EJ at the Club. He tells her to not say anything provocative to Nick. Lucas talks to Nick at the Pub.

Nick wants his makeup to be organic, Lucas was non-organic ingredients to keep the make up affordable. Nick plays the Kate card.

Aiden gets the kids to line up for the bake sale. Ciara isn't impressed. Sami & Brady discuss Ericole. Brady won't help break them up

John says Bo is in an even more dangerous undercover assignment. John tells Hope she won't hear from Bo at all.

Ben says he didn't come to Salem to wreck Jordan's life. Rafe thinks Jordan's story doesn't make any sense. Sami defends Eric to Brady

Ciara rips on Aiden saying she "hopes he's a better lawyer than a salesman." Father Louie takes a baked good without paying.

John leaves Hope with a letter. Hope cries while reading the letter.

Ben works at the Club when he sees Rafe walk in. Kate wants to talk to Rafe about Jordan.

Nick tells Lucas that he is "your mother's most valuable employee." Ejami at home lamenting about their days.

Theresa brings a drink to Brady. Theresa makes a toast, "to family, who needs them?" Hope goes back to the school.

Aiden leaves Hope. She reads the letter again and cries. Then she rips it up. Aiden sees her cry.

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