Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday's "Youthful Indiscretion" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Rafe sets up a romantic goodbye dinner for Jordan, JJ learns Paige's name, Abe busts JJ in front of Paige, Victor has some good one liners with Sonny, Nick keeps manipulating Gabi, Will and Sami discuss Abby's odd behavior, and EJ and Abby are going to a doctor to check to see if she's pregnant.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Jordan books a one way ticket. Paige introduces herself to JJ. Sonny is sickened by Nick's words to Gabi.

Sami tells EJ that Abby is pregnant and a wreck. Paige is a volunteer. Gabi wants Nick to stay. He wants to leave.

Abby says Gabi should be in the wedding. Sami asks ej why he is interested in Abby's pregnancy.

I don't ever remember a Rafe/Victor scene. Paige is a total goodie 2 shoes. Abe busts JJ that he's doing community service not volunteering

Abby leaves the Pub. She gets a text from EJ.

Abe leaves due 2 a phone call. JJ tells Paige he's on probation. JJ's ordered back to work. Sonny tells Nick things will blow up in his face

Nick tells Sonny to "stop controlling things, it's very liberating." Sonny warns him again about it blowing up in his face.

Sami tells Will that EJ set a date. EJ has Abby meet him at his lawyer's office. He asks why she confided in Sami and not him.

Rafe has a dinner set up for Jordan at the Square. Rory shows up at JJ's. JJ wants him to leave because Jenn is having a family dinner

JJ tells Rory about Paige. Rory says they have nothing in common like, "having the hots for an alien."

Abe comes over to apologize for embarrassing him in front of Paige. Abby tells EJ that she doesn't know if she's pregnant.

Abby complains that EJ thinks everything is about him. EJ tells her she is not getting a drug store pregnancy test.

Abe says he didn't know Paige was there. JJ accepts his apology. JJ wants to know Paige's last name since Abe knows the family.

Rafe dances with Jordan. Sonny drops by Victor's. Sonny wants Victor to make his dumb jokes. Sonny complains about Nick.

Abby pulls a John Locke and asks EJ if he's telling her what she can and cannot do. "Lost" bonus points for Abby. Thanks!

EJ says he will be a part of the solution. Abby says EJAbby isn't over if she's pregnant.

JJ finds a pic of Paige on the internet. Jordan says Rafe did too much with the dinner. Victor tells Sonny that Nick played Maggie. *smarmy*

Victor says he got where he is in life by dealing with problems. Cockroaches.

EJ wants to take Abby to see a private doctor of his together.

Rory tells JJ that Paige is in the school library a lot. Nick tells Gabi that he's glad they are friends again.

Victor offers the K-Mansion for the Wilson wedding. Sonny brings up the Vivian/Victor wedding there. Vic says, "a youthful indiscretion."

Rafe tells Jordan goodbye. She cries. Will tells Sami that Abby wasn't excited about his wedding.

Abby agrees to go with EJ to see his doctor.

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