Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday's "Throttle That Girl" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Jordan tells Rafe that she is leaving town, Kate gets a lead from Sheryl about Jordan, Sami asks Abby about her crush on Rafe, Theresa and Brady spend more time together, Gabi takes the modeling job, and John Black shows up at Theresa's door.  You should follow me on twitter. Here are today's live tweets:

Theresa looks at Brady's credit card, then puts it back. Brady wakes up. Tre tells him that she had a great time.

Abby tells T she doesn't want breakfast, just a coffee. She spills the coffee. Sami knows that Hope is pissed with her about the earrings.

Sami tells EJ that Nick threatened them. Nick gets a text from Gabi for breakfast. Kate says Nick is up to no good.

Rafe joins Gabi for breakfast. Jordan looks at her id's again. Kate says Nick did a good job with his projects.

Rafe thinks Jordan is lying about having to work. Gabi tells him to talk to Jordan. Nick joins them at the Pub.

Sami tells EJ that they have to hire Gabi or Nick will reveal their new line. Sami offers to hire Nick. EJ is against it.

Ejami decide to hire Gabi.

Ben walks into the Club. He got the job. Kate joins Lucas the the Sq. Lucas is not happy working with Nick.

Kate notices that Lucas likes working with Sheryl. Lucas says Sheryl is the best thing to happen from Kate's plot to get Jordan.

Kate denies her plot against Jordan failed. Rafe argues with Nick. Nick leaves. Gabi asks why he is rude to Nick.

Gabi leaves when Rafe refers to her being "stupid" about Nick. Rafe threatens Nick again. Sami thinks Nick's blackmail will get worse.

EJ thinks they should let Nick think he is in control. EJ promises to take care of it if Nick gets out of hand.

Brady asks Theresa out for breakfast. Brady starts drinking. Theresa offers him coke, the bad kind.

Brady turns down the coke. He tells her that he can't be near it. She spills it down the drain. Jordan says goodbye to her Jordan alias.

Johnny and Sami have to return Abby's cupcake pan. Johnny says Abby likes Rafe a lot, and that Ejabby were talking about him.

Nick joins Gabi at the apartment. He wants to talk to her about Sami.

Brady gives T his card to pay for breakfast. Theresa says she was looked down upon for not being wealthy in LA.

Brady asks if Theresa is hanging out w him because of his money. Lucas says Rafe loves Jordan. Kate says Lucas is falling for Sheryl

Ben meets up with Jordan at the hospital. He says he got a job, she is quitting hers. EJ tells Rafe to stop worrying about his life.

Sami shows up at the Horton house. She asks Abby to explain what Johnny told her.

Theresa says she is intrigued by his lifestyle and his body. He's getting turned on. Nick tells Gabi about the modeling job.

Gabi asks why Nick is helping her. He says he just wants her to be happy. Jordan says she can't be there with Ben.

Rafe threatens to arrest EJ in the future. Sami asks Abby about her Rafe crush. She was talking about Raphael the painter.

Sami asks Abby to teach her about art to impress EJ.

Abby agrees to teach Sami about art. Sami leaves. Rafe shows up at the hospital. Sheryl says Jordan was against visiting the Ozarks.

Rafe asks Jordan why she's making excuses. Sami offers Gabi the modeling job. She agrees. Sami figures out that Nick told her.

Kate leaves Lush alone. Kate calls Ortiz about Jordan/Ozarks. Jordan tells Rafe that she is leaving Salem for good.

Nicks joins EJ at the Club. EJ tells him that he is surprised that Nick is being so blatant about getting Gabi back.

Sami leaves Gabi's, then says to herself, "sometimes I want to just throttle that girl."

Theresa and Brady kiss. She gets a call. John is at Theresa's door.

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