Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday's "Volatile" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Ciara pushes Chase who taunted her for crying, Sami and Adrienne argue on which mansion had the most disastrous weddings, Hope and Jenn talk about Aiden and Dannifer, Marlena gets busted by Stefano, Marlena's plan gets busted by Ericole, EJ consents to Abby using her own doctor, and Sami tells Abby not to worry about her possible baby daddy's relationship while EJ eavesdrops.  Sorry, no live tweets on Friday. 

You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Ciara wants her daddy home. Chase taunts Ciara over her crying. Ciara pushes him. Sonny tells Will that their moms are planning the wedding.

Abby tells EJ that she will make the decisions about a possible baby. Adrienne meets Sami at the Club. Sami's dress is atrocious.

Jenn walks in on Ericole kissing in her office. Chyka tells Marlena he left without his things in the cabin. The computer beeps.

Stefano tells Marlena that she betrayed him. EJ tells Abby he is not going to walk away from his responsibilities.

EJ asks if Abby got pregnant on purpose.

Hope tells Aiden that Chase was taunting Ciara. Aiden tells Chase to leave Ciara alone. Abby asks what EJ is paying the doctor to do.

Wilson joins Adrienne/Sami. Sami tells Adrienne to follow her lead. Wilson want to get married at the K-Mansion.

Sami suggests the Di-Mansion instead. Adrienne freaks out, and says "you've got to be kidding me."

Marlena gets busted with the tracking device. Stefano refuses to get Chyka back online, and says she will pay for this.

Aiden makes Chase apologize to Ciara. He does. Ciara refuses to apologize back. EJ tells Abby that Sami is "volatile." No kidding.

Sami and Adrienne exchange barbs about which mansion had the worst weddings.

Sami agrees to the K-Mansion. Nicole leaves. Jenn tells Eric that Nicole has been a great friend to Daniel.

Eric lets it slip that Dichole pretended to be a couple. Stefano calls Nicole. He tells her that Marlena talked to Chyka.

Marlena hugs John at the Square. She's afraid of Stefano.

Will tells Sami about Abby's man. Sami leaves. EJ consents to Abby going to her own doctor.

Abby says her being pregnant would kill her mom. I hope she's pregnant then. lol

Hope tells Aiden that Bo isn't coming home any time soon. Eric tells Jenn the Dichole story. Jenn says Nicole lies to get what she wants.

Marlena refuses to tell John. Nicole asks her, "what the hell are you trying to do to me?"

Sami tracks down Abby at the hospital. EJ hides and shakes his head.

Sami asks if Abby took the pregnancy test. Sami tells her that Will is worried about her, and blabbed about her man.

Adrienne tells Wilson that she "couldn't be happier" to have a son-in-law. Aiden tells Hope that Chase won't be bothering Ciara.

John overhears Marlena and Nicole discussing if Marlena is more interested in busting Nicole or helping Eric.

Nicole says Marlena talked to Stefano. Eric overhears. He asks Marlena if it is true. Jenn teases Hope about not liking Aiden.

Jenn asks about when Bo will be back. Will admits that Sami/Adrienne talking about disaster weddings scared him.

Sami tells Abby about being honest to the baby daddy. Sami asks if she's in love with him.

Hope fibs and says there's no news about Bo. Jenn tells her that Dannifer is back on. John backs up Marlena to Eric.

Hope fibs and says there's no news about Bo. Jenn tells her that Dannifer is back on. John backs up Marlena to Eric.

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