Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday's "The Terminator" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Daniel wants to know if Jennifer is planning on sticking around because he's concerned for Parker, Maxine tries to keep Jafe together, Liam totally flips out when Jenn dumps him, Stefano tells Marlena she will get to talk to Chyka, John finds Marlena, and Nicole makes Daniel promise to keep her secret.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Dannifer is in bed. Dan has a question about Parker. Hope cries, and tears up the note from Bo while Aiden walks in.

Maxine asks Jordan about the rumor that she's quitting. Rafe tells Kate that Jordan is leaving. Eric cleans his camera at the Pub.

Marlena joins Eric at the Pub. She asks about his date with Nicole. Chyka tells Nicole that she is her own worst nightmare in a dream.

Chyka gives Stefano info over the phone. Kate wonders why Jordan is leaving town so suddenly. Marlena tells Eric that he sounds like Brady

Stefano tells Chyka to stay close to the phone because he may be calling him shortly.

Jordan tells Maxine that one of her patients call Jordan "the terminator" behind her back. Rafe mentions Kate's warning to Jordan.

Dan is concerned that Dannifer won't last, and it will hurt Parker. He asks if she has any doubts about them.

John calls Hope to see if she's ok. Hope dreads telling Ciara that she won't see her dad for a year. Nicole joins Eric and Marlena.

Kate tells Rafe she didn't scare Jordan off. Rafe doesn't blame her. Ben eavesdrops. Kate offers for him to call her if he needs to talk.

Jenn tells Dan that she's not going anywhere. Marlena gets a text from Stefano that he granted her request.

Marlena leaves. Nicole joins Eric guessing correctly that Marlena was trashing her.

Ben doesn't like Rafe. Dan buys cookies at the bake sale. Hope introduces Aiden and Dan. They bond. Liam goes to Jenn's office.

Liam gives Jenn a gift. Jenn dumps him. She tells him that Dannifer reunited. He says that, "it doesn't make any sense." No kidding.

Eric tells Nicole that being with her feels so right. Marlena thanks Stefano for letting her talk to Chyka. Stefano wants to watch.

Maxine and Rafe talk in the Sq. Kate talks to Jordan at the hospital. Kate asks her what happened. Dan invites Aiden to a dinner party

Dan invites Hope too. Aiden and Hope volunteer to cancel at the same time. Liam calls Dan "a sleazeball." Jenn wants to be friends.

Liam asks Jenn, "why would I want to be friends with a bitch like you?" Good question.

Eric leaves the Pub. Stefano says she will not talk to Chyka today. He doesn't want her telling anyone, including Sami.

Marlena leaves. "Ciao, Marlena."

Maxine says that she's never wrong. lol Maxine wishes Rafe good luck. Jordan won't talk to Kate about Rafe.

Haiden agree to go to the dinner party. A mom comes in to fill in for Hope. She says she has no idea why Hope was desperate to leave.

Liam apologizes for calling Jenn a bitch. Jenn says she never lead him on. He asks for forgiveness. She agrees to be friends.

Liam takes his gift back. Eric walks into her office while Liam leaves. Jenn asks Eric if he has any regrets leaving the priesthood.

Nicole packs to move out. Dan asks her what is wrong. She says she doesn't know what to do. He offers to help, she says, "maybe u can."

Rafe wants to see Jordan one last time before she leaves. She agrees. Hope claims she was called into work.

John says, "hey Doc" at the Square. She's startled. Liam throws Jenn's gift in the garbage. Stefano plays chess by himself.

Stefano calls Chyka to tell him he will talk to Marlena. Nicole has something to get off her chest. She wants him to promise not to tell.

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