Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday's "Terror-esa" #Days Live Tweets

I was interrupted quite a bit watching today's episode of Days of our Lives.  Here is what I did manage to watch:  Dannifer sex, JJ meets his dream girl, Nick threatens Sonny, Brady insults Ericole, Ericole kiss, Theresa decides to go for the long con with Brady, Nick blackmails Sami into giving Gabi a modeling job, and Nick continues to manipulate Gabi. You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Dan gets wine ready for a night with Jenn. Figures, I just started eating too.

Eric tells Nicole that she looks beautiful and gives her a rose. Ericole > Dannifer.

Theresa tries to look more fetching for Brady. Brady brings the alcohol. JJ invites Bev home. Gabi has a dream about older Ari.

Will drives Caroline back to the Pub. Sami is there. Will tells Caroline the big news. She's happy. Sonny contacts Nick to talk to him

Sonny tells Nick that he is not going to let them screw with their lives.

Will tells Sami that Gabi is happy for them. Nick tells Sonny that he knows Sonny tried to cover up his "death."

Bev and JJ kiss. He sees something in her purse. Nicole goes up to a guy who she thinks Ericole is annoying.

Having a hard time live tweeting with the knuckleheads in the house. Sorry.

Dannifer is doing it. I'm shielding my eyes.

JJ isn't happy with Bev having drugs in her purse. She thinks he is judging her, and leaves. Nicole tells the guy to judge her, not Eric

Theresa and Brady enter the Club loudly. Will compares Ejami and Nabi. Will wants to sell tickets to a joint Gay/DiMera wedding. lol

Nick calls Sonny "the luckiest guy in Salem" besides him. Nick tells Sonny, "don't threaten me."

Nick tells Sonny that he's "shooting blanks." That's getting personal now, Nick.

Nick basically threatens to send all of them in prison to Sonny. Gabi walks in on Will/Sami. Gabi asks if Caroline talked to Nick.

Sami asks Gabi privately about the Wilson engagement. JJ plays guitar. He leaves. Dannifer sex is over. The coast is clear kids!

Nicole isn't happy with Brady being with Theresa. Nicole won't let the two idiots ruin her night. Tre/Brady toast to the "hypocrites"

Nicole calls Theresa "Terror-esa." Brady insults Nicole. Brady gets in Eric's face.

FF the Dannifer stuff, and go straight to Brady/Theresa/Ericole at the Club and the Sonny/Nick fight.

Theresa gets Brady out of the Club. Brady taunts Ericole by telling them to remember to say their prayers at bed time.

Nicole calls Theresa "the Lindsay Lohan of Salem" then admits she probably was like Lindsay herself once too.

Dan tells Jenn that Nicole kept JJ's secret about being at Theresa's that night. Jenn is happy for Ericole.

JJ meets up with Rory at the Sq. A girl gives JJ his missing wallet. Sami asks Will to take Ari so she can talk to Gabi.

Sami wants to know if Gabi is going to move out when Wilson gets married. Is this really Sami's business?

When JJ turns his back to get a smoothie from Rory, mystery girl disappears. Brady/Theresa go back to her place.
Theresa kisses Brady. Gabi wants to talk to Wilson first, she leaves Sami. Nick runs into her outside the Pub.

Sonny tells Will about his encounter with Nick. He says Nick wants Gabi back. Nick wants to meet her for breakfast.

JJ asks if Rory saw the girl. Theresa and Brady go at it. Eric and Nicole kiss. Brady passes out.

Theresa thinks twice about picking Brady's wallet. Nick wants to talk to Caroline. Sonny tells Will that Nick threatened to kill Kami.

Wilson decide not to tell Gabi. Sami laughs at Nick talking to Caroline. Nick says Gabi should be on the cover of a magazine.

Nick tells Sami that Gabi should be the face of Countess W's new line called, "Dimensions."

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