Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday's "A Mini-Marlena" #Days Live Tweets

A pic from today at the airport.

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Jenn is furious over the photoshopped pic of her, Daniel asks Nicole about the shredded paper, Adrienne tries to figure out Abby and Sami's secret, Abby comes up with a pregnancy plan, and Dannifer invite their friends to their dinner.  You should follow me on twitter.  

I got a new job, so live tweets will be less frequent.  Sorry!  No live tweets tomorrow.

I still haven't watched Friday's eppy yet, so pardon me for being a bit clueless for today's eppy.

Adrienne asks Abby if she's ok at the Sq. Adrienne says Sami told her her secret. Sami asks EJ about the meeting he had with odd men.

EJ spies an erectile dysfunction poster. Brady talks to Theresa at the hospital. I didn't see the pic, but a pic of Jenn is circulating.

Daniel asks Nicole about a reassembled letter from Chyka to Kristen. The pic of Jenn was photoshopped according to Eric.

Brady offers lunch to Theresa. Dan asks Nicole again what the paper is.

Maybe EJ saw the doctored pic of Jenn and that's what caused his erectile dysfunction. lol

Adrienne tells Abby that Sami blurted out everything. Sami sees the ED flyer. Brady gives Theresa a gift.

Nicole wants Dan to promise not to tell Eric. He refuses. Nic says it will break his heart.

Nicole lies that someone sent her the letter at work with the envelope thrown away in that condition. She says Stefano sent it.

Nicole claims Stefano is taunting her by giving her useless info. Dan asks why she didn't show it to Eric. Lame lie on Nic's part.

Anne tells Jenn that Jenn wishes she looks as good as she does in the pic. Anne is mad that she got interrogated about it.

Jenn goes to look for Theresa at the Pub. Liam asks Anne what is up with Jenn. Brady gives Theresa a purse.

Theresa hits on Brady while holding his hand. Adrienne was talking about Abby teaching Sami about art.

EJ denies having an ED problem. Sami wants to know why he's there.

Sami guesses that EJ is there for his father's ED problems. EJ tells her not to mention it to Stefano.

Adrienne tells Abby that she seems to be on edge. Sami tells EJ that Abby is a wreck. She says Abby is concerned about being the black sheep

Sami says Abby is helping her with something that is a secret. Ejami leave. Nic tells Dan that Eric was mad Marlena worked w Stefano.

Nicole says she won't let Stefano hurt Eric. Theresa leaves Jenn w Brady. Jenn tries to warn him about Theresa. He doesn't want to hear it

Jenn tells Brady that Theresa only wants "sex, money, and drugs." That's a resume enhancer as far as Brady is concerned.

Jenn invites Brady to her dinner party. Liam is caught in Jenn's office by Eric.

EJ tells Abby that he climbed out on the ledge. EJ says Sami is not suspicious. Adrienne tells Sami that Vic offered to pay for the wedding

Adrienne tells Sami she told Abby she knew about the art lessons. Note to self: don't tell Sami or Adrienne anything.

Jenn doesn't want Brady to bring Theresa as a date. Dan gets why Nicole doesn't want Eric to know. Come on Daniel!

Dan looks at the shredded paper again. He wonders if someone else sent it who is trying to help. He leaves.

Nicole listens to Eric's voice mail. She says she won't let the truth get in her way again. Jenn tells Tre to be in her office in 15 min.

Brady will pick Theresa up later that night. Adrienne wonders if Sami/Abby have another secret. EJ offers to help Abby.

Sami slips and says she's helping Abby. Adrienne asks if Jenn knows. Sami says she will tell her what it is.

Sami claims Abby's issue is the break up w/ Chad. Adrienne calls Sami, "a mini-Marlena." Adrienne asks why she didn't talk to some1 her age

Abby thinks about moving to Europe and giving the baby up for adoption. Brady decides on another drink. Dan sees the photoshopped pic of Jen

Jenn shows Theresa the pic. "Wow, obviously not you," says Theresa. lol

Nicole is planning on burning the papers. Eric calls. She lights the paper on fire while talking to him on the phone.

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