Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday's "Grandfathered In" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Eric puts a sex block on Nicole who is planning on ending the block, EJ tells Will not to bad mouth Nick, Abby realizes that she may be pregnant, Jennifer sees the negative comments on the hospital website about her and thinks Anne and Theresa posted them, Daniel gets a creepy visit from Liam, Nick gets closer to Gabi, and Sami tells EJ that Abby may be pregnant.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Sami asks if Abby is pregnant. Abby drops her tea. EJ gives Gabi her contract. EJ breaks the news to Will. Anne asks Theresa about Dannifer.

Theresa tells Anne there's a change of plans. Jenn reads something on her phone. Nicole kisses Eric. Abby says she can't be pregnant.

Sami asks Abby who her lover is. Rory asks JJ for money. Rory doesn't see the girl that JJ saw. Rory asks about JJ/Bev.

Anne didn't know Dannifer was back on. Eric wants their first time to be special. Abby tells Sami there wasn't anyone.

Abby says the father wouldn't want anything to do with the baby, and they never were a couple. Abby doesn't know how late she is.

Bev tells JJ that he's really boring. Nick and Percy strolling through the Sq. Percy tells Nick to learn from his mistakes with Gabi.

Will figures out that Nick put EJ up to hiring Gabi. Jenn claims to have a work thing and leaves. Eric wants to go somewhere more neutral.

Sami asks if Jenn knows about her mystery man. Sami tells her to take the test with Kayla. Abby asks her to keep quiet about it.

Theresa teases Anne that her revenge against Jenn is going to be epic. Abby and Jenn see posts about her work in PR for the hospital.

Will tells Gabi that Nick is manipulating her again. She tells him not to bad mouth Nick.

Will and Gabi fight until they wake up the baby. EJ advises Will to be happy for Gabi. That might actually work.

Will leaves. EJ tries to calm Gabi down. Gabi signs the contract without looking at it. EJ leaves. Liam drops by Daniel's.

Liam wants to talk about Jenn to Dan. Dan has flowers sent to Jenn. Jenn will respond to the negative comments that she thinks Anne made.

JJ asks Jenn what is going on. Nicole says she has been ready for Ericole sex for a year. Eric wants marriage before sex.

Nick comes by the apartment. Gabi tells him the news. Abby figures out she's really late. Will joins her on the bench.

Liam apologizes to Dan for how he reacted when Jenn gave him the news. Liam looks angry when Dan leaves to tend to Parker.

JJ gives Jenn the idea of tracing ip addresses. Nicole is not happy about waiting for marriage.

Will complains to Abby about having to watch Gabi make the same mistakes over and over. Will offers to buy her tea.

Nick promises to not control things anymore. Gabi asks about what he's doing to Kate. JJ's classmates call him a loser while doing service.

Liam leaves after wishing Dannifer well. Anne walks into Jenn's office. Jenn tells Anne about the posts about her on the hospital website.

Jenn threatens that Anne or Theresa could lose their jobs if it is proven that they are behind the posts.

Eric agrees they are not ready for marriage. Nicole asks if they are "grandfathered in" because they had sex years ago.

Nicole thinks God is punishing her for destroying the documents because of Eric's sex block. She's not giving up.

EJ notices that Sami is deep in thought while he's talking. Sami can't tell him. EJ says they can't have secrets. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

JJ sees his mystery girl wearing the yellow worker vest that he's wearing. Jenn calls to thank Dan for the flowers.

Anne tells Theresa about what Jenn said about the comments on the website. Eric thanks God for Nicole taking the sex ban well. lol

Nicole goes through her lingerie. Nick says since Kami threw him in the river, they are fair game. He holds her hand. He says she's special.

Will tells Abby that he's marrying Sonny. Will wants Abby in the wedding. She turns him down. Sami says her secret isn't about her.

EJ tries tickle torture on Sami. She tells him that Abby is pregnant. Great poker face by EJ.

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