Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday's "Love and Obsession" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Liam fantasizes about being with Jennifer, Dannifer's disastrous dinner party comes to an end, Kate and Stefano have dinner, Nick and Gabi meet for coffee, EJ and Nick stand off, Nicole asks about setting a wedding date with Eric, and Hope and Aiden go out for coffee.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Ejami at the Sq. Gabi joins Nick at the Pub. Nick flatters Gabi. Stefano is ready for dinner with Kate. Ericole argue at Dan's party.

Hope and Abe try to ditch the party. Maxine proposes a toast to love. She refuses to let anyone leave the party.

Liam has a dream that Jenn says Daniel's name in bed. That's just freaky.

EJ tells Sami that he used to wonder if they were going to make it. Nick takes pics of Gabi. He says he loves her loyalty.

Maxine calls the party guests, "a bunch of spoiled brats" who need to "get over ourselves."

Sami tells EJ that she thinks Stefano is up to something because he's delighted about the wedding date. EJ doesn't want to talk about it.

Kate's toast is for "sitting down with you for the last time." Gabi says that Kami and Sonny treat her like she's dumb.

Nick tells Gabi that they belong together. Hope apologizes to Dannifer then leaves. Aiden says Maxine scares him, and leaves. lol

Aiden offers to buy coffee for Hope. Jenn tells Eric that Nicole is hurt. Nic apologizes for spilling wine on Dan.

Nicole says she needs to get out of her own mess. Eric offers his hand to Nicole.

I didn't see Thursday's eppy, but so far this Dannifer pizza party blows.

Stefano tells Kate that there's 2 sides to every story. He says he thought she had better taste than Rafe.

While Nick looks for the waitress, Ejami pop in at the Pub. Sami guesses she's there with Nick.

Jenn thanks Maxine for her words. Abe leaves to warm up the car. Jenn teases her for coming with Abe. ABOUT TIME!

Maxine tells Dannifer that she wants seated in the front row of their wedding. Awkward.

Nicole apologizes to Eric. Nic says marriage is a long way off. Eric says he loves her. She says she'll wait for him.

Dannifer says they want to marry each other, but not right now.

Abe + Maxine. It's about time!

Kate tells Stefano that he doesn't know the difference between "love and possession." Stefano tells her to listen to him.

Gabi admits to having coffee with Nick, and that he wants her back. EJ wants to talk to Nick outside. EJ says he can't control what ppl say.

EJ asks who Nick thinks he's dealing with. Aiden apologizes for being difficult. He asks why she went to the party.

Nicole asks how long does she have to wait to make love. Dannifer start making out.

Liam fantasizes about dead Daniel and Jennifer moving on with him.

Nick tells EJ that he's smarter than him. Stefano asks Kate if she thought he didn't love her during their marriage.

Hope tells Aiden that he's too judgmental, and that he thinks she has double standards for her friends and family and others.

Aiden wants things to be "tolerable" with Hope. Eric wants to take things one day at a time. Nicole wants to set a wedding date.

EJ tells Sami to let Nick feel over confident. Nicole apologizes for pressuring Eric into marriage. They kiss, he leaves.

Nick walks Gabi home. He kisses her gently. They say goodnight as she shuts the door. Sami asks about Stefano's dinner table.

Sami figures out that Kate was Stefano's date by the wine she prefers. Nicole fantasizes about Eric. Eric calls Father Louie.

Liam is peeking in Jenn's window while Dannifer kiss in her living room.

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