Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday's "BOOM!" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, John isn't happy with Marlena humiliating Eric and Brady at the Bristen wedding, Johnny forewarns EJ about Ejami's wedding going "boom", Nicole wants to make love to Eric, Nicole almost confessing to Daniel, Daniel brings Parker home, Liam still acts creepy around Jenn, and Sami suspects Abby is pregnant.  You should follow me on twitter. Here are today's live tweets:

EJami kiss and talk dirty. Sami sees Gabi's modeling contract. Abby complains of having a stomach bug and throws up.

Brady barges into the K-Mansion accusing Magic of bringing back John. John tells Marlena that he's back to see Brady.......and her.

Jenn directs Eric to HR. Theresa calls him "a lucky, lucky guy" to be working with Jenn. Dan agrees to keep Nicole's secret.

Nicole tells Dan she destroyed important information and brought it to his place. Sami leaves the Mansion with some art books.

EJ thinks of Ejabby sex, and says, "it's going to be fine. It's over." Maggie says she had no idea John was coming back.

Eric leaves. Theresa tells Jenn about Dannifer, "tenth time is a charm." Nicole tells Dan maybe the papers still can help.

Sami shows up at Abby's with her art books. Johnny is home. EJ talks about the ejami honeymoon. Johnny is upset about the wedding.

Brady decides to actually work. Magic leave. Marlena tells John that he left town without saying goodbye, and then rarely contacted her.

Jenn asks Theresa why she doesn't want the best for Dan. Eric rejoins them. Nicole says she wants to do the right thing. Dan gets a call.

Nicole tells Dan to ignore her drama. Nicole leaves to meet Eric at the Pub. He kisses her on the cheek, "don't be a stranger."

Liam wants to talk to Jenn in private. Marlena asks John if he knows what happened the past 6 mo. He knows.

John asks Marlena what did she expect him to say after what she did at the Bristen wedding. Caroline interrupts Ericole.

Sami asks Abby about what EJ would like to see during their honeymoon. Abby tells Sami about the angel wing from Jack.

Sami looks at Raphael's angels. Abby tells Sami that EJ is madly in love with her. Johnny talks about the Bristen wedding that went "BOOM!"

Johnny asks what happened to Bristen. Dan stops by the K-Mansion. He tells Brady about Dannifer and Parker.

Daniel opens the K-Mansion door to find Theresa there.

Theresa tells Dan that her and Brady really bonded at Dan's place. Dan asks Brady, "what in the Hell are you thinking?"

Liam tells Jenn that he had a bad run in with his ex, and took it out on her, then Jenn blind sided him.

Liam says he doesn't want to make this a tense work place. He says she knows about that. Caroline tells Nic she's always welcome.

Marlena says she's punished herself enough for hurting Eric and Brady. She asks if he's talking to Victor.

Brady tells Dan that he crashed at his place. Brady says he likes Theresa because she's the least judgmental.

EJ tells Johnny that Bristen found out secrets about each other. EJ explains that Ejami are different. Johnny asks if they have secrets.

Sami is tickled by what Abby said about EJ loving her. Sami asks Abby what is bothering her.

Dan is about ready to leave when Magic shows up. He gives them the news. Even Victor is happy about Dannifer. Victor let me down. :(

Jenn tells Liam she didn't tell Dan about his blow up. Liam smirks angrily when he leaves her office.

Marlena tells John, "we care for our children, but we have nothing to say to each other."

Ericole drop off her shoes. He wants to know if she wants to unpack or eat. "Both can wait."

Abby tells Sami that she can't imagine what it feels like to have a man love her that much. Abby thinks she won't have that.

Sami brings a lobster salad. Abby runs out of the room nauseous.

Brady tells Theresa that he makes up his own mind about people. Duh. That's his main problem! lol

Marlena asks if John would be around if it were not for Brady. He doesn't answer. She leaves.

Ericole kiss. Now that was a kiss.

Abby says she'll drink some tea. Sami offers herself some. Abby gets queasy again around the lobster salad.

Dan and Magic bring Parker home. Jenn shows up to ruin the mood. Maggie hugs her.

Someone is leaving a suggestion/comment online about Jennifer Horton. EJ offers to give Gabi the contract himself.

Sami asks Abby if she could be pregnant. Abby drops her tea.

Nicole tells Eric that she can't wait to make love to him. You go girl!

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