Sunday, March 30, 2014

Diva's 169th #Days Blogtalkradio Archive Ready

The Diva of Days of our Lives 169th Blogtalkradio Show Archive is ready for playback/download.

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

#Days Press Release on Wilson Wedding

We are thrilled to announce that NBC’s longest running daytime drama Days of our Lives will be making television history next week by airing the first gay marriage (between two men) in soap opera history!

Starting on April 1st for three consecutive episodes, the fan-favorite couple Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis (affectionately deemed “WilSon”) will tie the knot in a beautiful ceremony presided by a surprise officiant. In 2012 Will came to terms with his sexuality in powerful episodes that had audiences around the world captivated and rooting for the character to find love. The slow building romance of the beloved couple has captured the hearts and minds of viewers far and wide culminating in their engagement earlier this year. With great surprises in store and excitement building around this momentous occasion, audiences will be blown away by the powerful performances to come.

This announcement comes on the heels of the show’s third GLAAD Award nomination for the storyline earlier this year.

About Days of our Lives:
“Days of our Lives” is produced by Corday Productions Inc. in association with Sony Pictures Television.  Ken Corday is the executive producer with co-executive producers Greg Meng and Lisa De Cazotte. Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell are the head writers. Days of our Lives airs nationally on NBC and in over 25 countries internationally. The show has garnered 36 Emmy Awards, including most recently 2013’s Outstanding Daytime Drama, and numerous nominations, as well as multiple People's Choice Awards, GLAAD Media Awards, and Prism Awards.

A clip of Will and Sonny walking down the aisle with their mothers:

#Days Weekly Preview, Wilson Wedding

This week's Days of our Lives preview features Sonny and Will's wedding:


All soaps are up in the ratings for the week of March 17th.  They can be found at Soap Opera Network. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Confessions of Bay City: Jack Madison

The Bay confessions series this time features Bay City's mayor, Jack Madison portrayed by Nicolas Coster.

Confessions of Bay City: Sofia Madison

The Bay has a new confession today by Sofia Madison, played by Jacklyn Zeman.

Diva's 169th #Days Blogtalkradio Show!

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends for our 169th Blogtalkradio Show on Saturday, March 29th at 10 pm est live as we discuss the latest happenings in Salem, USA.  Topics this week include: our interview with General Hospital's Kathleen Gati (Dr. Liesl Obrecht) with special caller Thaao Penghlis (Victor Cassadine), the upcoming Wilson wedding, Brady/Theresa, Eric/Nicole, EJ/Sami/Abby, Kate/Stefano, Lucas/Sheryl, Rafe meets Jordan's brother Ben, Nick/Gabi, and Liam stalking Jennifer.

Call in to give us your opinion on the show at 914.338.1239 then press 1.  Also, you can join our friends in the chat room on the show page.

#Days Will and Sonny Wedding Preview

You can see a clip of Will and Sonny's wedding shown during the Queen Latifah show today below:

#Days Casting New Role

According to Soap Opera Digest, Days of our Lives is casting an early 30s African American woman.  You can read the rest of the casting call here.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday's "Operation: Jennifer" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Maggie and Daniel think of ways to stop Brady and Theresa, Father Louis tells Eric that most churches wouldn't marry Ericole due to Nicole's divorces, Gabi fights to have Nick invited to the Wilson wedding, and Theresa figures out that Liam is the one harassing Jennifer.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

I missed Tuesday's eppy. Another stupid Liam fantasy. This is not starting off well.

Anne leaves a message for Theresa. Jenn asks about "Operation Jennifer." Brady brings Theresa back to the K-Mansion.

Gabi wants Sonny to invite Nick to the wedding. Abby agrees with Gabi. Nick and Will talk at the Club. Nicole stops by Daniel's.

Nicole apologizes to Dan. Eric meets with Father Louis about his conversation with Nicole. Nicole tells Dan that Ericole is getting married.

Eric tells Father Louis that there's a major obstacle to him marrying Nicole.

Gabi says it will be weird if Nick as a Horton is not invited to the wedding. Gabi mentions that even Theresa is invited.

Nick tells Will that he changed because none of Will's loved ones are in prison.

About Jenn's photoshopped pic, Anne: If your rack looked that good, you would be a much happier camper.

Maggie sees Brady pouring a drink. Dan tells Nicole that marriage seems too soon. Nic admits that Eric didn't propose.

Nicole tells Dan that she tried to seduce Eric. Eric doesn't think the church will recognize a marriage to Nicole.

Sonny tells Gabi that she knows damn well why Nick is not invited to the wedding. Sonny tells Abby it is about Nick/NYC.

Sonny tells Gabi that Wilson will never let Nick have Gabi and Ari. Nick calls Wilson, "an old fashioned romance."

Will asks Nick if he's jealous. Nick says Sonny found his pot of gold under the rainbow with Will. Another stupid Liam fantasy.

Theresa shows up at work. Anne asks if she was drinking with Brady. Anne tells Theresa that Jenn is on "high alert."

Anne threatens Theresa to focus on Jenn or she'll be sent back to LA. Brady blames his drinking on John.

Dan tells Nicole to take things slow. Nicole thinks he is talking about Dichole.

Nick makes fun of Will's family's marital luck. Nick leaves. Brady tells Maggie about John bribing Theresa with a job.

Maggie refers to Theresa as a "twit." Liam asks Theresa out to eat. She agrees. She's been at work for about ten minutes.

Eric tells Father Louis that Nicole is very giving and needy. He mentions her multiple marriages.

Father Louis tells Eric that Nicole's divorces will make most churches not consider an Ericole marriage.

Maggie wants Brady in AA. Brady doesn't want to hear it. Maggie calls someone and says she needs to see them now.

Nicole talks to Jenn at work. Jenn invites Nicole to coffee. Wow. Hell must have froze over.

Liam asks Theresa about Brady.

Nick tells Abby and Gabi that he understands why he isn't invited to the wedding. Will asks Sonny why he proposed.

Nicole meets with Eric. She says she loves him, and kisses him. Maggie talks to Dan about Brady. Dan doesn't know what to do.

Jenn drops by the mansion to give Maggie Tom Horton's watch for Will. Brady puts it in a desk. Jenn asks if he's ok.

Brady tells Jenn that he's seeing Theresa. Jenn says it is great. Brady gives her the wtf look.

Liam denies carrying a torch for Jenn. Theresa finds a pic Liam has in his wallet of Jenn.

Nicole tells Eric that he is a positive influence on her. Nicole brings up marriage. Eric says, "yeah about that.."

Sonny says the day Will got shot was the day he decided to get married. Nick tells Gabi that he doesn't want to pressure her.

Brady asks Jenn on what she knows about Theresa. He thinks Theresa slept with Dan. Maggie asks Dan how to get rid of Theresa.

Theresa tells Liam he is the one harassing Jennifer.

#Days National Enquirer Spoilers

National Enquirer Days of our Lives spoilers:

EJ is stunned when someone reveals that they know about his affair with Abigail

Lucas and Sheryl finally give into their feelings

Liam causes a major scandal for Daniel at the hospital

JJ and Paige grow closer, which makes Bev very unhappy

Abe comforts Maxine

Nicole grows suspicious of Liam

Real Life #Days Couple Divorced

After months of speculation on Twitter, Days of our Lives actors Arianne Zucker (Nicole Walker) and Kyle Lowder (ex-Brady Black) have officially divorced according to Soap Opera Digest.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Thaao Penghlis back to #GH

Former Days of our Lives actor, Thaao Penghlis (Tony and Andre DiMera) confirmed on twitter that he is returning to film General Hospital as Victor Cassadine on March 31st.  Also if you missed our Blogtalkradio interview with GH's Kathleen Gati (Dr. Leisl Obrecht), Thaao called in near the end of the broadcast and hinted to his return. You can listen to the full interview here:

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

#GH Star Kathleen Gati Interview Archive Ready

Our Blogtalkradio interview with General Hospital actress, Kathleen Gati (Dr. Liesl Obrecht) archive is ready with surprise caller, Thaao Penghlis (Victor Cassadine) calling in.  Major spoiler alert!

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#Days Weekly Preview for March 24th

Days of our Lives weekly preview for the week of March 24th features Eric, Nicole, and Daniel.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday's "Love and Obsession" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Liam fantasizes about being with Jennifer, Dannifer's disastrous dinner party comes to an end, Kate and Stefano have dinner, Nick and Gabi meet for coffee, EJ and Nick stand off, Nicole asks about setting a wedding date with Eric, and Hope and Aiden go out for coffee.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Ejami at the Sq. Gabi joins Nick at the Pub. Nick flatters Gabi. Stefano is ready for dinner with Kate. Ericole argue at Dan's party.

Hope and Abe try to ditch the party. Maxine proposes a toast to love. She refuses to let anyone leave the party.

Liam has a dream that Jenn says Daniel's name in bed. That's just freaky.

EJ tells Sami that he used to wonder if they were going to make it. Nick takes pics of Gabi. He says he loves her loyalty.

Maxine calls the party guests, "a bunch of spoiled brats" who need to "get over ourselves."

Sami tells EJ that she thinks Stefano is up to something because he's delighted about the wedding date. EJ doesn't want to talk about it.

Kate's toast is for "sitting down with you for the last time." Gabi says that Kami and Sonny treat her like she's dumb.

Nick tells Gabi that they belong together. Hope apologizes to Dannifer then leaves. Aiden says Maxine scares him, and leaves. lol

Aiden offers to buy coffee for Hope. Jenn tells Eric that Nicole is hurt. Nic apologizes for spilling wine on Dan.

Nicole says she needs to get out of her own mess. Eric offers his hand to Nicole.

I didn't see Thursday's eppy, but so far this Dannifer pizza party blows.

Stefano tells Kate that there's 2 sides to every story. He says he thought she had better taste than Rafe.

While Nick looks for the waitress, Ejami pop in at the Pub. Sami guesses she's there with Nick.

Jenn thanks Maxine for her words. Abe leaves to warm up the car. Jenn teases her for coming with Abe. ABOUT TIME!

Maxine tells Dannifer that she wants seated in the front row of their wedding. Awkward.

Nicole apologizes to Eric. Nic says marriage is a long way off. Eric says he loves her. She says she'll wait for him.

Dannifer says they want to marry each other, but not right now.

Abe + Maxine. It's about time!

Kate tells Stefano that he doesn't know the difference between "love and possession." Stefano tells her to listen to him.

Gabi admits to having coffee with Nick, and that he wants her back. EJ wants to talk to Nick outside. EJ says he can't control what ppl say.

EJ asks who Nick thinks he's dealing with. Aiden apologizes for being difficult. He asks why she went to the party.

Nicole asks how long does she have to wait to make love. Dannifer start making out.

Liam fantasizes about dead Daniel and Jennifer moving on with him.

Nick tells EJ that he's smarter than him. Stefano asks Kate if she thought he didn't love her during their marriage.

Hope tells Aiden that he's too judgmental, and that he thinks she has double standards for her friends and family and others.

Aiden wants things to be "tolerable" with Hope. Eric wants to take things one day at a time. Nicole wants to set a wedding date.

EJ tells Sami to let Nick feel over confident. Nicole apologizes for pressuring Eric into marriage. They kiss, he leaves.

Nick walks Gabi home. He kisses her gently. They say goodnight as she shuts the door. Sami asks about Stefano's dinner table.

Sami figures out that Kate was Stefano's date by the wine she prefers. Nicole fantasizes about Eric. Eric calls Father Louie.

Liam is peeking in Jenn's window while Dannifer kiss in her living room.

#Days Spoiler Pics for March 24th

Days of our Lives spoiler pics for the week of March 24th can be found here.

Confessions of Bay City: Lianna Ramos

The Bay's Confessions of Bay City continues with troubled Lianna Ramos portrayed by Days of our Lives actress, Jade Harlow.

Confessions of Bay City: Will Campbell

The Bay continues with the Confessions series with actor Derrell Whitt who portrays Will Campbell on the popular web series.

Diva Interviews #GH actress Kathleen Gati!

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends as we interview General Hospital actress, Kathleen Gati on Saturday, March 22nd at 10 pm est live on our Blogtalkradio show.  Kathleen portrays Dr. Liesl Obrecht on the show.

Kathleen back in 1992, traveled to Hungary for the film, Goldberg variaciok  for which she won the Hungarian Best Supporting Actress Award.  She won yet another Best Actress Award at the Los Angeles Hungarian Film Festival November, 2011, for her lead role in Retrace.  Kathleen also has several movies currently in post production.

This is a live call in show.  Call in to talk to Kathleen at 914.338.1239 then press 1.  You can also join the fans in our chat room.  The chat room works best with a browser other than Explorer.  

Ratings, All Soaps Down

All soaps were down for the week of March 10th.  You can read the ratings at Soap Opera Network.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#Days Brady Brunch Fan Event

Days of our Lives actress Jen Lilley tweeted about a fan event with Patsy Pease and Peggy McCay this summer:

Surprise! , & I are doing a in LA on Sunday, June 8, from 1:00-4:00 pm. Stay tuned for tix!

Wednesday's "Straight and Narrow Disease" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, EJAbby find out she's not pregnant but the doctor works for Stefano, Kate fulfills a promise to Chad by agreeing to dinner with Stefano, JJ isn't happy with his friends' prank, Brady is jealous of Liam with Theresa, and Ben tells Jordan that he's the only one she can trust.  You should follow me twitter.  No live tweets tomorrow, but I will be back on Friday.  Here are today's live tweets:

Rafe tells Kate that Jordan stayed in Salem. Jordan talks to Ben at the Club.

Rory and Bev prank JJ by breaking into his account and sending Paige a friend request which she denies.

Brady tries to stop himself from drinking at the K-Mansion. EJAbby find out she's not pregnant. Abby gets very emotional.

Liam tells Theresa that he dated Jenn. Tre calls him "the rebound guy." Sami talks to Stefano at the mansion about the wedding.

Abby realizes that EJAbby is over.

Brady sees Theresa talking to Liam. Kate tells Rafe that Jordan stayed because of him. Ben asks Jordan if she's staying because of Rafe.

Abby is told she had a stomach virus. Sami wants Stefano to give EJ his freedom, and let them move out.

Dr. Garcia calls Stefano. Now this shizz is getting good!

EJ says when Abby falls in love, he would love to tell the young man how lucky he is. He leaves, she tears up.

Liam leaves. Theresa thinks it's cool that Brady is jealous. Kate tells Rafe that he softened up Jordan. She says she's happy for him.

Kate wonders what Jordan is up to. Ben tells Jordan that he's the only one she can trust. He asks her to think if she's lying to herself.

Marybeth wants Paige to report JJ for harassment. Paige says she got JJ's message. He has no idea what she's talking about.

Jordan tells Abby that she's staying in Salem. Jordan asks her what is wrong. Stefano hangs up with Dr. Garcia.

EJ asks Stefano if he saw his bride to be. Stefano says, "who?" lol

JJ denies sending Paige a message. JJ checks his phone and sees what his friends did.

Abby tells Jordan that she got lucky. lol Yeah she did. They discuss new beginnings. Chad calls Kate. Kate agrees to do a favor.

Sami joins EJ and Stefano. Ejami kiss while Stefano watches from a distance.

I need my own Diva cave so I can watch in peace!

JJ gets mad at Bev and Rory outside the Pub. Bev says he's got "straight and narrow disease." JJ denies carrying about Paige.

Rafe joins Jordan in the Square while Abby leaves. They kiss. Abby gets sad seeing the happy couple. Ejami get happy in bed.

Sami asks EJ if he talked to Stefano about Stefano's ED problem. Well sex is one way to get Sami out of that awful dress.

Brady takes Theresa to the K-Mansion.

Jordan leaves for the hospital. Ben was watching them. Abby sees a couple with a baby. Ejami finish. Sami asks if he took a sample. lol

Abby calls Sami after EJ got out of bed. She says there is something she needs to know. Kate calls Stefano for dinner.

Abby tells Sami that she's not pregnant. Abby hangs up. EJ comes out of the shower. Sami tells EJ the news.

Sami wonders what type of loser Abby hooked up with. Brady and Theresa kiss. He wants to go upstairs. She wants to stay in the living room.