Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday's "Priest with Benefits" #Days Live Tweets

A prank pulled by Jen Lilley on Galen Gering from twitter.

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Dichole does an awful good cop/bad cop impression, JJ busts Theresa but she calls his bluff, EJabby almost get caught scrubbing each others backs in the shower by Sami, Eric gets really awful advice from Brother Timothy, Stefano teaches Theo about being a member of the DiFamily, and Stefano wants Chyka eliminated.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

EJabby doing it in the shower. Theresa gets her gift cards. JJ shows up. I got a phone call.

Theresa won't let JJ look at her bag. The clerk calls her Abigail. JJ laughs and tells her she's been played.

Sami gets Carl the security guard to let her in. Nicole watches with binoculars in the woods. Chyka has a gun drawn.

Daniel hits Chyka from behind. Not as kinky as it sounds.

JJ tells Theresa that he set her up. They have her on tape. Eric tells Brother Timothy that he can't prove his innocence.

Dan has a strangehold on Chyka. Nicole has a gun drawn on him, and asks to shoot him.

Sami complains to Carl about negotiating with a man. "Some guys don't like sticking it to a woman." But EJ does. lol

Carl gets the door open. Sami says, "hey EJ, it's me." EJ covers Abby's mouth.

Stefano talks to Ricardo about Chyka.

Brother Timothy and Eric are boring me.

Dan confronts Chyka with his real name and what he did. Nicole wants to shoot him in the foot. She slaps him.

EJ tells Sami that he'll be right out. EJ comes out and wraps himself in a towel. Sami brags about her business deal.

Sami wants EJ to sign the contract right now. Abby's bra is lying on a cabinet. (actually it was on the floor near the shower)

EJ should have opened the shower curtain and asked Sami to join him and Abby.

Theresa runs to the park bench. JJ tells her he can ruin her life whenever he feels like it. He wants a truce with her.

Abby grabs her bra from the floor before Sami can see it. EJ gets dressed. Abby hears that Sami is cock blocking EJ.

Chyka taunts Nicole by saying he saw her naked. Chyka isn't impressed with Dichole's good cop/bad cop routine. He's admitting nothing.

Dan wants Chyka to confess. Chyka laughs.

JJ tells Theresa he can reverse her purchase. You can't. But whatever.

Sami mentions Johnny's basketball game. EJ is not thinking straight at all. Sami tries to talk about Nick. EJ shushes her up.

Sami apologizes for how things are between them, and leaves. EJ hands Abby a towel. He wants to talk about what she heard.

Abby doesn't want 2 talk about what she heard. Abe and Theo discuss Aunt Kristen and her bad things with Stefano. Stefano talks about family

Brother Timothy thinks Eric should say he's guilty and repent then become a monk. Worst advice ever.

Chyka asks them to call the police. Nicole draws the gun on him again.

Chyka taunts Nicole by saying Eric wanted to have sex with Kristen. Eric won't admit to something he didn't do.

Theresa tells JJ how much she hates Jenn. Theresa calls his bluff. Abby asks EJ how long the cock block has been going on.

EJ offers to get some clothes for Abby from a modeling shoot. He leaves. Chyka tells Nicole she's in love with Eric.

Chyka tells Nicole that if she clears Eric's name, "her priest with benefits" will end. He wants her to let him go.

EJ gives Abby basically an open shirt. EJ says he would like to see her in it again. Abby says she's not sorry. She leaves.

Abe asks if everything is ok with JJ/Theresa. Eric wants to work with parishioners. Nicole asks if Chyka thinks she's selfish. Yes he says.

Stefano orders Ricardo to find Chyka and end it. Dan comes back to the cabin with a backpack, a needle and some meds.

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