Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday's "I Don't Neuter My Boyfriends" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Rafe thinks Jordan has another man, EJ tells Abby they wouldn't have a future no matter what, Nick finally admits he knows what Kami and Gabi did to him, Sheryl kisses Lucas on the cheek, and Nicole tries to talk Eric out of leaving the church.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Rafe is at the SPD. He gets some applause. Roman asks when he'll be back to 100%. Rafe wants to investigate Stefano.

Abby tells EJ that he wants Sami, and it "hurts like hell." EJ tells her to not let one mistake define who she is. She talks about JJ's case

Abby tells EJ that her family would be horrified if they knew about their affair. Lucas sees Sheryl and Jordan at the Club.

Lucas says to himself that Kate is going to screw this up for him too. Sheryl notices Lucas, and asks him to say hello.

Nick drops the bomb that Kami and Gabi tried to murder him. Eric tells Nicole that he asked to be released from his vows.

Eric tells Nicole that he loves her. Nicole says she won't let him leave the church. Rafe says going after Stefano, "it's personal."

Roman tells Rafe that he hopes EJ screws up before the wedding. Abby asks EJ how would Chad feel if he knew of their affair.

Nick repeats what he said about Kami trying to kill him. Nicole tells Eric that there's something he doesn't know.

Rafe tells Roman that Sami knows what kind of man EJ is. Rafe is worried about Kate. Roman asks if Rate is back on.

Jordan tells Lucas that her new patient might never walk again. Sheryl cheers on Jordan.

Nick tells Gabi to stop letting Kami make decisions for her. Gabi and Kami leave the Pub. Eric is going to resign today.

Rafe tells Roman that things are over with Kate. Rafe tells Roman that Jordan may be "the real deal." Lucas leaves.

Lucas texts to Kate out loud. lol He texts her to back off on Jordan because she's a good person.

Abby asks EJ if it was a mistake because of Sami or could they be together if EJ was single. Kami, Gabi, and Nick at the Wilson apartment.

Nick says Kami knew that he knew that they tried to murder him. Sami says they were covering for Gabi.

Nick obviously is trying to manipulate Gabi by blaming Kami for his "murder" and not her.

Rafe shows up at the Club. Sheryl leaves for a business meeting. Rafe tells Jordan that they are not being honest with each other.

Kate tells Nick that Gabi was the one who hit him on the head with a rock. Nick says he forgives Gabi. He's playing her.

Nick asks Gabi if she still tried to save him. She admits it. Nicole says she loves Eric. Eric says his innocence can't be proven.

Eric asks Nicole "if this is the 'happy ending' they keep hearing about." He says they, "can be together in every way." *swoon*

Rafe says he knows nothing about Jordan's past. Rafe says they are more than friends. Rafe is complaining he isn't getting any.

Rafe asks if Jordan is saying another guy. Abby says that EJ wouldn't want to be with her no matter what. Johnny comes in.

EJ tells Abby that he'll be thinking about JJ today. She leaves. Sami tells Gabi that they have to stick together. Gabi takes their side.

Kate says she doesn't think she should have stuck her neck out for Gabi. Nick gets the door. Percy is there.

Percy: Greetings! 
Kami: Oh, shut up!

Nicole says Eric is "perfect for me." Nicole wants Eric to listen to her.

Lucas and Sheryl make a business deal at the Square. Lucas slips that Sheryl coming to town "was a lot better than my mom imagined."

Rafe asks Jordan about Arthur. She says she's living with Arthur. Jordan tells Rafe that she had Arthur neutered.

Jordan tells Rafe that she had Arthur neutered. Stefano tried the same thing with Rafe.

Nick tells Kami and Gabi how he got out of the river. Percy was at the shore. Sami denies everything to Percy.

Nicole tells Eric that she and Daniel know the doctor who tried to destroy his life.

Sami says it is their words against Percy's. Lucas says he called of the search when he saw Sheryl's portfolio. She kisses his cheek.

Jordan says she "doesn't neuter her boyfriends." Jafe hold hands. Abby asks herself why she still wants EJ.

EJ is not happy that Sami isn't home. Sami tries to get Nick and Percy to leave. Nicole tells Eric about Chyka.

Eric asks if Nicole and Daniel got any information on Chyka.

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  1. Gabi needs to stop waffling, hating Nick, then believing him. He hasn't changed!