Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday's "Changed" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Gabi and Abby take advice from Nick, Eric tells his family about his decision to leave the church, Abby decides to go after EJ, Ejami are officially back on, and Nicole attempts to shred the evidence clearing Eric.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

EJ has a dream of having sex with Abby. Nick runs into Abby at the Square. Sonny thanks Gabi for giving Wilson privacy.

Gabi tells Sonny that Nick has changed. RoMarlena wait to meet Eric at the Pub. Brady is there. Marlena asks Brady what is going on w Eric.

Eric is at Dan's with Nicole. Eric was told to wait to resign. Sami serves breakfast in bed.

Abe joins Stefano at the DiMansion. Abe says he is there to defend Stefano. EJ moves in for round 2. Nick buys Abby coffee.

Nick asks what is bothering Abby. Brady wants to leave and not hear what Eric has to say.

Yes Nicole should give Eric the evidence that clears him, but he did choose her on his own in the first place.

Eric tells Nicole that he asked God for a sign to remain a priest, and didn't get one. Nicole's the one who got the sign.

Sami tells EJ that Wilson is engaged. EJ is thrilled. Sami realized at Wilson's apartment not to waste time and get back to EJ.

Sami gets out of bed. Nick tells Abby that today is his first day at Mad World. Nick misses being close to Abby and the family.

Abby won't talk about what his bothering her, Nick wants to talk about Gabi. Gabi tells Sonny that Nick thinks she's innocent.

Brady doesn't want to hear about Eric, and leaves. Eric wants to see Nicole tonight.

Eric says he needs to do paperwork to officially resign. Eric leaves. Nicole says she needs to do this today while holding Chyka's paperwork

Abe thanks Stefano for his donation to Lexie's wing at the hospital. EJ asks about the new wing. Abe notices Sami is in a good mood.

Abe warns Sami about EJ, Sami brings up Abe's marriage to Lexie. Sami says EJ is in the same journey as Lexie. As a cheater.

Nick tells Abby about his connection with Gabi. Nick tells Abby not to tell Gabi so she won't be scared off. LOLOLOLLOLOLLOLOL

Sonny tells Gabi that he thinks Gabi is throwing Kami under the bus. He says Gabi didn't set Nick straight on her involvement.

Gabi says Nick isn't scary. Sonny tells Gabi to "stop giving herself up to him." Sonny asks how quickly will she sleep with Nick. SLAP

Gabi runs out. Sonny says it is her turn to watch Ari. Eric tells his parents that he is leaving the church.

Nicole takes Chyka's papers to work. Eric says he has to stop fighting to stay with the church. Nicole shreds the paperwork.

Brady puts his hand on Nicole's shoulder.

Stefano congratulates EJ for having sex with Sami. Stefano laughs after EJ said "there's nothing to stop it (the wedding)."

Sonny tells Sami about his fight w Gabi. Sami isn't happy with Gabi's "Nick's changed" opinion after Sami said the same thing 2 Abe about EJ

Eric tells Marlena not to be sad about him leaving the church. Brady asks Nicole what she was dying to tell him yesterday.

Gabi tells Nick about her fight with Sonny. She tells him that she told Sami that Ejami is worse than Nabi.

Nick tells Gabi not to defend him to Wilson and Kami. Sami tells Sonny what Gabi said about Ejami. Ari is staring at Sami. lol

Sami wants to coordinate wedding dates with Sonny. Gabi calls Sonny after Nick prompts her to. She apologizes to Sonny.

Brady doesn't want to talk to Eric, but he decides to get it over with. Nicole talks to RoMarlena at the Pub. Nicole talks about Chyka

Marlena doesn't know the Dichole/Chyka story.

Sonny & Gabi make up. Nick holds Gabi's hand. He leaves. Eric tells Brady the whole story. Brady says that Nicole wants Eric to leave church

Nicole tells RoMarlena the Chyka story. Marlena says, "so Chyka bolted on your watch."

Abby tricks EJ into meeting with her at work. She says she wants him, and she's not going to walk away.

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