Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday's "Lose the Hate" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Wilson exchanges engagement rings and announces their engagement to Lumi, Jafe have after sex dinner at the Pub, Jenn goes out with Liam, JJ stops Theresa from blackmailing Daniel, Abby confronts EJ about Sami, and Ejami make love.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Jafe kissing in bed. Wilson give each other engagement rings. Liam gives Jenn flowers at her house. JJ is at Dan's door.

JJ tells Theresa that the text Dan got was from him. Abby asks EJ if Sami would forgive him. Sami asks if she's interrupting.

EJ tells Abby that Sami already knows the truth. JJ tells Theresa to tell Dan why it is all over.

Lucas is not happy that Kate hired Nick. He asks if she's insane.

Lucas tells Kate that when Sami finds out that she hired Nick, Sami will "grab her by that blue streak in your hair."

Kate thinks Jordan might have those id's to use in the future. Jordan wants to go out to eat. Jordan teases Rafe about his sex grin.

Liam tells Jenn that Maxine was telling everyone at the hospital about JJ's probation. That's awkward.

Theresa starts hitting JJ LIKE A GIRL.

Abby leaves. Sami tells EJ that "you must have done a number on her. She couldn't get away from me fast enough."

Jafe at the Pub. Lucas asks Kate to let Rafe be happy. Dan picks Theresa up away from JJ. JJ lectures Tre to seize the day.

Theresa is at the court house looking for JJ's judge. Lucas is at Wilson's place. They are waiting for Sami, she's there.

Wilson shows Lumi their rings. Lucas hugs them, Sami looks stunned. She asks if they are crazy. Abby talks to EJ again.

Abby asks if he knows who the real EJ is.

Sami thinks they are too young and not ready for the difficulties of life. Will tells her that running away from love is nuts.

Sami apologizes and congratulates Wilson. EJ tells Abby that he loves Sami. She asks who was the man at the cabin/shower.

Theresa chickens out on meeting the judge. JJ tells Dan that he will tell Jenn everything. He tells him not to b/c Jenn will tell every1.

JJ leaves. Liam asks Jenn out. Jenn blows him off. Liam asks if it is about Dan. He tells her to look forward, not in the rear view mirror.

Kate walks in while Jafe kisses.

Rafe shows Kate that having sex with Jordan cured him from using a cane to walk.

Jordan takes a call. Rafe thanks Kate for her support. Wilson want to celebrate, Sami has to leave. Theresa is back at work.

Liam kisses Jenn while JJ walks in. EJ is waiting by the fire at home when Sami walks in. She gets a drink for EJ.

Sami puts away his work. She leads EJ upstairs.

Kate tells Ortiz about new ideas she has about Jordan. Someone is watching Jafe. Dan tells Theresa to "lose the hate."

Jenn invites JJ on her date. That's creepy. He turns her down. Jenn and Liam leave. JJ says to himself that he will tell Jenn the truth.

Abby thinks of EJabby sex. Ejami have sex.

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