Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday's "Keep Tabs on Brady Campaign" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Brady accuses Magic of following him then calls Theresa, Nicole decides to reassemble the shredded paperwork, Nicole breaks up Dannifer's make out session, and Ejami set a wedding date.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Maggie feeling frisky being home alone with Victor, then Brady walks in. Brady claims he's being followed.

JJ asks who Abby's older man is. Theresa asks Eric why he cares about Nicole. Nicole gets the paper out of the shredder.

Gross. Dannifer kissing.

Jenn's on top of Dan on his couch. I swear knows we hate Dannifer. They are making us watch them as psychological torture.

Sami complains about Nicole to EJ. EJ is getting a headache. Join the club dude.

Eric tells Theresa that Nicole was his first love. Nicole has a daydream about giving Eric the evidence with Daniel there.

Nicole stuffs the shredded paper in a bag.

Victor says Brady is acting like a "horse's ass." Brady calls it, "the keep tabs on Brady campaign."

EJ thinks the Ejami reconciliation is over.

Nicole takes the shredded papers to Dan's. Nicole sees Dannifer making out on the couch. I worry for Nicole's eyesight.

Sami apologizes to EJ for attacking the DiMeras. Sami says she doesn't want anything to come between them. They snuggle.

Which is worse? Characters talking about Dannifer or having to watch the real thing?

Nicole tries to leave. Jenn leaves instead. That's an upgrade right there.

Dan talking to Jenn about their 3rd "first time" having sex has to be special. lmfao

Nicole congratulates Dan and hugs him. Theresa agrees to not talk about Nicole. Dan asks Nicole why she was upset.

Dan tells Nicole to just accept being happy. Eric shows up. Sami says that Ejami got all their issues resolved.

Victor tells Brady that doing work cuts into his drinking time. Maggie knows Brady has been drinking. He tells her to "go to Hell."

Dan leaves Ericole alone. Eric asks Nicole if she's having second thoughts.

Ejami having sex in their bedroom. Jenn is home telling her kids that Dannifer is back on again. Dan goes over Theresa's, he's not happy.

Eric tells Nicole that he told everyone not to talk trash about her. Eric doesn't want Nicole to think she's the rebound girl after Jesus.

Nicole asks Eric what would he do if he could stay with the church.

Dan tells Theresa that Dannifer is back on. "Big whoop. I'll alert the media." Dan tells her to stay away from Jenn and her family.

Abby leaves the room. JJ tells Jenn that Abby needs her. JJ leaves to run "drug free errands."

EJ tells Sami that he is sorry for what happened to Eric. Brady goes to the Club. He decides not to drink, but doesn't know what to do

Ericole decide to go on a date. Eric jokes about going bowling. She kisses his cheek. She leaves. Eric finds the shredded paper.

Note to self: Don't hide shredded papers that I want to keep secret under a desk in the living room where anyone can find it.

Sami gets a text from Ciara asking to go earring shopping. Sami wants a May wedding. EJ is thrilled. Abby tells Jenn she is happy.

Dan thanks JJ and shakes his hand at the Square while buying flowers for Jenn. Victor gets a call about Brady. Brady calls Theresa.

Theresa invites Brady over her place. Eric asks Nicole about the shredded paper.

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