Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday's "Mr. Wiggles" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Rafe gets laid for giving Jordan a pen for Valentine's Day, EJ gets a kiss from Sami for a necklace that matches last year's earrings, Will lights candles waiting for Sonny, Hope spills a smoothie on Aiden, Nicole withholds the truth from Eric, and Percy and Nick successfully blackmail Kate.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Hope drinks a smoothie while thinking of Aiden in the Square. Smoothie ends up all over Aiden when they bump into each other.

Jafe kissing at the Club. Rafe gives Jordan a present. Will brings Ari to the DiMansion. He asks EJ if Abby is ok.

Sami orders Nick and Percy to leave. Nick has one more thing to say to Kate. Eric asks Nicole if she found anything to clear him.

Dan calls Nicole. He asks if she found anything to clear Eric. Hope apologizes to Aiden. She laughs. He's not amused.

Sami calls Percy "Mr. Wiggles." Percy tells the girls that Nick has nothing but honest since he found him. He says Nick wants to atone.

Percy gives an envelope to Sami with pictures of them dumping the body. Nicole won't answer Dan's question.

Nicole briefly gives Eric the version of what happened without mentioning the evidence she found.

Rafe bought Jordan a pen. I am not making this up.

Will tells EJ that Abby won't tell him who the guy is that is treating her so badly. Will wants to talk about EJ's love life.

Aiden tells Hope that they should forget they ever met each other. Dan calls Hope. He wants to tell her his wild story.

Eric wants Dichole to go to the police because they are in danger with Chyka on the loose.

Rafe asks Jordan if she wants to leave the Club. Nick jokes about scrapbooking the murder attempt pics. He also has Kate's texts.

Nick says he wants a fresh start. Kate says Nick and Percy can start work on Monday. They both leave. Gabi thinks Nick has changed.

EJ tells Will that his relationship with Sami is "complicated." Will says it's because of Kristen. Dan talks to Hope at the SPD.

Dan tells Hope that he can give her one of Stefano's goons that could lead them to Chyka. Nicole says she's letting Eric down.

Eric says Nicole can never let him down. They hug.

Jafe at the Square. Jordan laughing that Rafe thought her cat was a guy. Will tells EJ that he hopes they work things out.

Kami are done with Gabi's nonsense and leave. Dan has Ricardo tied up and gagged in the trunk of a car at the train station.

Hope and Dan leave to talk to Nicole. Nicole tells Eric that she hopes it is the happy ending he was talking about before.

Will wants Gabi to take out Ari. They leave. Kate calls Ortiz for an update on Jordan.

Jordan sexes up Rafe because he gave her a pen.

Sami walks into the DiMansion ranting about Nick. She tells EJ about Percy's pictures. EJ tells her to wait and let Nick make his move.

EJ talks about how happy Ejami was when they got engaged. EJ gives Sami a gift. Nicole tells Eric that Dichole wasn't law abiding.

Dan and Hope show up at Dan's. Hope gives them a lecture.

EJ gives Sami a beautiful necklace that matches last year's earrings. EJ should at least get a bj for that.

EJ kisses Sami's cheek. Then she kisses him on the mouth. Nick talks to Gabi at the Square. He wants to make sure that she's not upset.

Hope asks Nicole if she found anything incriminating at Chyka's place. Nic says no. Hope says it is good since she needs a warrant.

Will lights candles. Nick tells Gabi that he doesn't blame her for what happened. Gabi remembers Nick on V-Day last year.

Jafe are done with pen sex. They talk about how they first met. Sami gets a call. EJ signs "I love you" to Sami.

Hope has news on Chyka.

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