Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday's "I Will Survive" #Days Live Tweets

Actual toilet from Sochi

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Theresa tells JJ she will stay quiet, but makes other plans, Hope meets Aiden where he learns his son isn't an angel, Dichole finally get Chyka to start talking while Ricardo spots them outside, Brother Timothy tells Eric to decide what to do with his life before the church does it for him, and Brady keeps drinking.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Hope shows up at Jenn's. Jenn can't find JJ. Theresa threatens to go to JJ's hearing. Abe walks into the conversation.

Abby thinks about EJAbby shower sex. Maggie sneaks up on her. Maggie gossips about Nick. Brady is plastered at Dan's place.
 (Brady was day dreaming, he wasn't plastered yet.)

Brady convinces himself he's under control with his alcoholism. Nicole taunts Chyka about the drug Dan is about to give him.

Theresa asks Abe if JJ will get special treatment with the judge. He reminds her of the special treatment she gets for being a Brady.

Brady pours his drink down the drain and leaves. Chyka doesn't believe Daniel will drug him.

Maggie asks Abby what happened with Nick. Maggie asks Abby why she's off today. Abby says she's worried about JJ.

JJ and Theresa back at the store. Theresa wants the check back. JJ is going to take it. JJ asks why she wants everyone to hate her.

Brady runs into Abe. Abe gives him an envelope from John. Brother Tim wants to talk about Nicole's feelings for Eric.

Nicole gets ready to record Chyka confessing.

Hope complains to Jenn about Ciara's bullying. Hope says that Ciara thinks Bo is away because Ciara is bad. Hope leaves to meet Aiden.

JJ reminds Theresa that he called Dan who saved her life. JJ says they are done here. She says, "don't be so sure about that."

Brady's letter from John basically says that John loves him. Aiden and Chase meet Hope and Ciara. Ciara's not happy to be there.

Hope gets a text that Father Louis will be late. Aiden and Chase leave to not be around them. Ciara says, "you see why I hate him?"

Bro. Tim starts trashing Nicole. Dan prepares to inject Chyka in the neck.

Theresa leaves. Maggie tells Jenn she needs to worry about Abby too. Maggie tells her that Brady is on a slippery slope.

Brady lets Theresa back into Dan's place. She blames him for her cashing Abby's check. JJ shows up at home.

JJ says his phone was off. They hug. Eric tells Timothy that Nicole repented. He asks if Eric wants to deal w Nic's daily lying.

Nicole wants to do the injection so Dan won't lose his license. Dan injects him.

Father Louis says Ciara and her friends are picking on Chase, but Chase has impulse control issues. Louis wants them to apologize.

Hope is left alone with Aiden when Louis takes Chase/Ciara to the chapel. JJ doesn't want a continuance on his case.

Brady talks to Tre about how he got played twice, and alcohol is the solution. They quote slogans to each other. "I will survive."

JJ gives Abby her check. Abby thinks JJ is keeping a secret. He says things are looking up. Eric says how mean he was to Nicole.

Nicole tells Chyka they gave him truth serum. Nicole asks him what he did to Eric.

Abby freaks out about her misplacing the check. Jenn offers to be there for her if something is bothering her.

Hope tells Aiden that she knows how he fells. He says she has no idea. Theresa leaves Brady. Chyka won't talk.

Dan injects Chyka again. Chyka passes out. Nicole wants to shoot him. Timothy tells Eric that he convinced him that Nicole's love is good.

Timothy tells Eric to pray and make his own decision, and not wait for the church to decide for him.

Hope wants to make peace with Aiden, Aiden tells her to keep Ciara away from Chase. He leaves. Hope tells Fr. Louis that Aiden is a jerk.

JJ hides upstairs before getting a group hug from Jenn, Maggie, and Abby. Theresa tells herself she's getting revenge on JJ.

Chyka is away. We learn his middle name is Carl and he's from Hungary. Ricardo calls Stefano to say he found Chyka and others.

Nicole records Chyka talking about Kristen. None of this is admissible in court. He's tied up and drugged.

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