Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday's "Ciara Alice" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Ciara blames Aiden for her not being able to keep the expensive earrings, Nick manipulates T into thinking that Gabi isn't into him, Marlena asks Kate why she hired Nick, Marlena explains to Will that he, Gabi, and Ari can't live together forever, Kate warns Jordan not to hurt Rafe, Nick spends time with Gabi and the baby, Ben applies for a job with Club TBD, and Ben and Jordan come face to face.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Ciara tries to manipulate Hope into keeping the earrings. Aiden watches. Abe talks to Hope about a case

Jordan says she's never been happier, and nothing will change it while Ben watches outside. Marlena talks to Kate about hiring Nick.

Nick fakes a call with Gabi saying she's dating T out of pity T is buying it. Wilson announces their engagement to Gabi.

Gabi congratulates Wilson. Gabi assumes she's moving out. Ben leaves. Nick says he is sorry that T overheard the conversation.

Nick asks T not to tell Gabi. He agrees. Wilson tries to tell Gabi she doesn't have to move out.

Abe leaves. Ciara leaves to get a drink. Hope wants to talk to Aiden. He gives her his business card since his email to her bounced back.

Aiden says the kids don't get along because Aiden and Hope have different values. He calls Ciara "a holy terror."

Kate tells Marlena that she can't stand Nick, but he is a good chemist. Kate says Sami would have hired him if she didn't first.

T tells Nick he's "dreaming" for thinking Nabi will reunite. T says if Gabi gets back with Nick, that it is her loss not his.

Wilson leave. Nick texts Gabi asking if he can drop off her notebook. Gabi tells Ari that her dad does stuff behind her back.

Hope throws away Aiden's card. Hope tells Ciara she can't keep the earrings. Rafe asks Jordan to meet his invisible mother.

Sonny tells T he is getting married. T introduces Ben to Sonny. Sonny tells Ben he is marrying a guy. Will shows up at Marlena's office.

Will tells Marlena that they are engaged. Marlena says he doesn't seem as happy was he was earlier. Gabi invites Nick in.

Oh Hope is really mad at Ciara. She calls her "Ciara Alice." Ciara says she doesn't have a dad anymore. Abe picks up Ciara.

Nick asks what is wrong with Gabi. Gabi tells Nick the Wilson engagement news. He says he's happy for them.

Will tells Marlena that Gabi plans to move out because of the Wilson marriage. Will doesn't want the baby to live in a broken home.

Marlena tells Will that he and Gabi will eventually live apart. Ben tells Sonny that he's new in town. Rafe leaves to talk to Caroline

Kate tells Jordan that she always pays her debts.

Ciara tells Aiden that she has to give away her earrings because he talked to Hope.

Will tells Marlena he wants Ari to always know that he loves her. Gabi tells Nick that Wilson wants her to stay at the apartment.

Kate tells Jordan that she still feels protective of Rafe. Kate wants her to promise to never hurt him. She agrees.

Kate is about to threaten Jordan if she hurts Rafe, when Rafe interrupts.

Ben fills out a job application. Kate tells Rafe that she would be disappointed if Rafe wasn't happy. Jordan leaves.

Rafe asks Kate about the warning she gave Jordan. Kate owns up to it. Aiden goes back to the SPD. He apologizes to Hope.

Aiden admits to being a jackass. Hope accepts his apology. Will leaves Marlena's office. Gabi gets a call from T about the concert.

T says the tickets fell through then hangs up on Gabi. Nick wants to get concert tickets from Kate.

Hope tells Aiden that he had no influence on Ciara not keeping the earrings after he gloats he did. She's pretty pissed off & leaves.

Will joins Sonny at the Club. Will is supposed to take Caroline to a quilting group. T warns Sonny not to let Nick screw things up.

Gabi doesn't think it is a good idea to go out with Nick. Nick leaves. Gabi tells Ari that she is not going to lose her.

Rafe tells Kate that he's a good judge of character. Kate leaves. Jordan is surprised to see Ben.

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