Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday's "Sweet Merciful Heaven" #Days Live Tweets

Because of the Olympics, Days of our Lives has been moved to 1 pm est in my area, so live tweets will occur then.  On today's episode, Lucas trips Rafe to help Kate escape from Jordan's apartment, Abby gets roped into making cupcakes with EJ and Johnny, Chyka escapes, Nicole finds his documents, Sheryl thinks Lucas blew her off, and Eric finally makes a decision.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Abby and Adrienne at the Pub, Abby doesn't want to talk about EJ. Rafe tells Lucas at the Club that Jordan left early.

Johnny tells EJ that he made a basket during his game. EJ wants to celebrate. Rafe makes fun of how a great date Lucas is.

Lucas tells Kate that Jordan already left. Kate hangs up on him with Jordan knocking on the door. Eric prays while Dichole battle Ricardo.

Nicole picks up the gun while Dan and Ricardo trade punches. Dan wonders if Ricardo is alone. Kate is hiding under Jordan's bed.

Sheryl gets a call from her mom. Rafe wants to talk to Lucas about Kate. Adrienne tells Abby she shouldn't have told Jenn about EJ.

Adrienne tells Abby that EJ threatened her during Sami's trial. Ejami and Johnny head to the Pub for ice cream.

Dan wants to check out Ricardo's car. He leaves Nicole with the men and a gun.

Rafe tells Lucas that Kate is "one of a kind." Jordan finds her cat, Arthur. No cat onscreen, looks like Kate is allergic.

Adrienne says EJ lashed out at her because he loves Sami. Abby asks Adrienne to stay. Johnny tells Abby about his basketball game.

Dan confirms that Ricardo is alone. He checks his cell, Ricardo is getting texts from "Bruno" asking where he is.

Nicole tells Dan to answer the texts, then the phone rings.

Bruno texts that he's coming to find Ricardo. Dan wants to leave, Nicole doesn't. Johnny asks Abby where she's been.

Johnny needs cupcake supplies for home room. Adrienne volunteers Abby to help EJ and Johnny. She refuses.

Sheryl gets Rafe to call Jordan. Kate's rolling her eyes at their conversation. Kate texts Lucas to get Jordan out of there.

Lucas won't help Kate, Kate threatens his relationship with Sheryl. Kate stifles a sneeze.

Dan wants to drive Ricardo to the train station. Nicole is to get more info from Chyka. Dichole carry Ricardo outside.

Nicole asks Chyka where the documents are. He says something about the boat, which is a painting on the wall where the safe is.

Lucas knocks over Rafe. Lucas wants Jordan called. Jordan gets the text and leaves. Kate finally gets to sneeze.

Johnny is distraught that Abby won't make cupcakes with him. Adrienne reminds Abby she has the day off tomorrow.

So Adrienne doesn't want Abby around EJ, but then volunteers her to make cupcakes with EJ. Whatever.

Jordan checks out Rafe at the Club. Chyka gives her the safe combination, but she doesn't know what he's talking about.

Nicole looks for more drugs to give Chyka. Rafe and Jordan leave the Club. Sheryl wants to continue her night with Lucas.

Lucas bails on Sheryl. She looks really sad. Adrienne thanks EJ for the nice things he said about Jack's book.

Abby tells EJ she'll make an excuse not to come, EJ tells her to come. Kate tells Lucas that she was in Jordan's apartment.

Kate is not happy that Lucas tripped Rafe. He doesn't want to see the pics she took. Chyka attacks Nicole.

Chyka runs out the door. Sami thanks Abby for helping Johnny. Sami says EJ is kind, nice, sweet, and loving. Sami trusts Abby.

Kate tells Lucas that Jordan has fake id's, "sweet merciful heaven." She is going to give the id info to her private investigator.

Lucas wants her to say that she's happy for Rafe. Lucas tells Kate that it is going to bite her on the ass. He leaves.

Kate calls Ortiz her private investigator. Rafe kisses Jordan at the Square. Eric decides to leave the retreat, thank goodness!

Nicole finds the safe. She remembers the combination. She gets the safe open. She's got all the documents.

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