Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday's "Don't Call Me Mar" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Marlena and Sami blame Nicole for Eric leaving the priesthood, Nicole has an attack of conscience, EJAbby almost have sex, then break up, Brady and Theresa continue drinking, and Dannifer reunites for the ten billionth time.  You should follow me on twitter. Here are today's live tweets:

Eric tells Caroline he is leaving the church. Sami overhears Nicole and Marlena discussing Eric leaving the church. EJAbby kiss.

Theresa tells Brady that she "likes him when he drinks." JJ walks into the Club. Jenn is at Dan's door. Eric tells Caroline he chose 2 leave

Marlena fills in Sami. Sami blames Eric leaving the church on Nicole. EJ loses some clothes. Jenn blames herself for not seeing the signs.

It would be nice if Daniel slammed the door in Jenn Jenn's face, but not gonna happen.

EJ unbuttons Abby's jacket. EJ tells Abby all the places he wants sex. She's getting turned off.

Eric breaks up the fight between Sami and Nicole. He takes Sami aside.

Nicole says, "thanks for jumping in there, Mar." Marlena replies, "don't call me Mar."

Jenn tells Dan what JJ told her. I don't even want to bother typing this Dannifer bullshit.

EJ moves in for another kiss. I have no idea what Abby's problem is. Conference table sex is awesome.

Eric tells Sami to be quiet and just listen. lolololololol

Marlena apologizes to Nicole about Sami. Marlena asks why Nicole seems guilty. Brady leaves to get more drinks, JJ joins Theresa.

JJ tells Theresa that he is done being scared of her. Dannifer discuss their sons. Dan tells her to go. YESSSS!!!!

Dan tells Jenn that Theresa is obsessed with her. Dan is playing the Theresa card to keep Jenn away from him. Well played, Daniel.

Brady and JJ talk about their drug buying at the park. Marlena asks Nicole what she's afraid of. She denies being afraid.

Eric talks about going to his retreat to Sami. I think his strategy is to lull Sami to sleep.

Eric tells Sami what Dichole did for him. Eric says Dr. Chyka was on the DiMera payroll. Abby says EJabby is not just sex.

EJ says he was lost and Abby saw him. EJ says he is the one who is disgusting. He ends Ejabby again.

Theresa offers to pay. Brady will pick it up. Must be nice to get drunk before noon when you work at a hospital.

Sonny asks Brady if he's going to drive. Jenn tells Dan that she is not going to live in fear anymore.

EJ tells Abby that no one would be happy if she told of the affair. Marlena threatens Nicole if she's withholding something to clear Eric.

Nicole leaves so she won't have to deal with Theresa. Eric tells Theresa that he is leaving the priesthood. Theresa is cool with it.

Brady leaves the Club. Abby can't find her credit card at home. JJ asks what is going on with her. EJ goes home.

Sami updates EJ on Eric's decision. Jenn takes her coat off, so much for her leaving. Jenn is practically groveling for Dan to take her back

Jenn tells Dan that the things she said to him were "awful and judgmental." She should apologize for that.

JJ tells Abby that he knows about the older man that she is seeing. Sami tells EJ that Eric knows the doctor worked for the DiMeras.

Brady goes back to the Club for his gloves. Brady claims he was followed. Sonny denies being involved.

Eric tells Theresa to basically look up to Nicole as a role model who changed her life. Nicole wants to fix the situation.

Jenn apologizes if she "killed" Dannifer. We should be so lucky. Those two morons start kissing. *kack*

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