Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday's "50 Shades of Red" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Abby tells off Adrienne, Adrienne tells JJ that Justin can't represent him, Nick gets Kate to consider giving Percy a job, Brady moves into Daniel's place, Brady tempts Theresa with alcohol, Gabi has another freak out, EJ tells Abby "if" they are over, and Victor snarks at Nick.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Abby confronts Adrienne on spying on EJabby. EJ overhears. Brady tells Magic that he thinks he should move out.

Kate meets Nick's friend, Percy. Nick asks if they know each other. Brady denies having a drinking problem.

Bev and Rory tell JJ that Theresa called the convenience store about cashing Abby's check. Abby tells Adrienne that EJ read Jack's book.

Abby tells Adrienne to talk to her instead of Jenn if she has a problem with Abby. Abby walks off. Adrienne goes into the elevator.

EJ walks on. Kate asks Percy if she can talk to Nick alone. She asks Nick, "what game are you playing?"

Victor asks Brady to move into the TItan corporate suites. He agrees. Anne stops Theresa from leaving work. Anne tells Tre that Dan left.

Adrienne shows up at Jenn's. JJ introduces his aunt to his friends. Rory and Bev leave. JJ apologizes for the doughnuts.

Adrienne wants to talk about JJ's sentencing hearing. EJ follows Abby into an office to say he heard her convo with Adrienne.

Gabi is freaking out to Sonny. Sonny tells her that Will set Nick straight. Nick calls Percy "a lifesaver."

Maggie cries when Brady takes his things and leaves. Nick tells Kate that people are volatile like chemicals.

Kate tells Nick that he doesn't have chemistry with anyone. Kate will tell Nick if he can hire Percy tomorrow. She leaves.

I think Kate should sleep with Percy or Nick to keep them quiet. It worked for EJ.

Gabi leaves the apartment. Anne is mad that Jenn didn't invite her to the fundraising meeting that she got dressed up for.

EJ thanks Abby for defending him to Adrienne. EJ is concerned that Adrienne will think that Abby cares about him.

Brady lets himself into Dan's place. Brady brought his own booze instead of drinking Dan's. I was wondering about that.

Brady opens the door to find Theresa. Adrienne wants JJ to get another lawyer. Gabi sees Nick at the Square. She texts EJ.

Abby tells EJ she can handle it if they are over. EJ says, "if."

JJ tells Adrienne he wants his hearing done before anything can screw it up. Rory complains about Jenn's vanilla ice cream.

JJ tells his friends that Justin isn't available for his hearing. Brady has something to show Theresa. Abby goes to Wilson's apartment.

Abby tells Sonny that Nick is acting strange. She asks if he knows what happened with Nabi. Nick shows up at Victor's to see Maggie.

Victor compliments Nick on his scar, "it suits you." Maggie hugs Nick. EJ tells Gabi at the Mansion that Sami is in Chicago. Kate pops up.

JJ is freaking out that Theresa will figure out his plan. Brady tells her that he left AA. He says he's there to escape judgment.

Victor has some snarky commentary for Nick's talk with Maggie. Kate tells Gabi and EJ about Percy.

Nick tells Magic that he is going to get his old apartment. Victor tells him that we make our own luck. Nick leaves.

Brady wants Theresa to stay. He offers her a drink. Rory offers JJ a joint. Theresa doesn't want to drink. Rory says the joint is medicinal.

Sonny tells Abby that she turned "50 Shades of Red" when he mentions that Will said she had man problems.

EJ tells Kate and Gabi that now Nick has an eyewitness to back up his story. Nick joins Percy at the park.

Kate wonders if Percy knows what happened and Nick doesn't. EJ doesn't buy it. EJ wants to play along until Nick shows his hand.

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