Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday's "Vampire or a Shape Shifter" #Days Live Tweets

Today's episode of Days of our Lives is a must watch.  Brady and Eric get into an epic fight, Marlena doesn't believe Nicole, JJ tells Jennifer the truth about Theresa and Daniel, Theresa and Brady form a drinking friendship, Abby agrees to be on the down low with EJ, and Jennifer shows up at Daniel's after learning the truth.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Abby wants to talk to EJ. Maggie asks Dan where he was. JJ stops Jenn from going to work to tell her the truth.

JJ asks Jenn to promise to keep the truth between them. Maggie asks Theresa, "where are your manners?" Tre announces she quit AA.

Roman has to go to the SPD leaving Nicole with Mama Bear Marlena. Brady laughs when Eric says Nicole has done the most for him.

Brady tells Eric he needs to get used to people talking to him about Nicole like he had to deal with Kristen.

EJ says EJAbby was a mistake. EJ tells her that Ejami is back in the same bed.

Eric asks Brady if he's using. Brady says "that kitten is going to take her claws out" about Nicole. Eric has had it with Brady.

Nicole tells Marlena that Chyka got away before getting evidence. Marlena isn't buying her story.

Dan gloats to Theresa that he was happy to help JJ get Theresa. Abby wants EJ to admit he slept with her because he wasn't getting any

Eric reads Brady like a book. Brady wants Eric 2 admit he slept w Kristen. Brady gives Ericole 6 months. Excellent fight! Must watch

Eric reads Brady like a book. Brady wants Eric 2 admit he slept w Kristen. Brady gives Ericole 6 months. Excellent fight! Must watch

EJ doesn't have a simple answer why he slept w Abby. Brady orders a drink at the Club. Maggie is there. Brady is not happy to see her

Dan sticks up for Nicole to Marlena. JJ tells Jenn he was there when Theresa overdosed.

EJ never answers the question on why he slept with Abby. If Abby wants EJ, she needs to stop dressing like she's 50.

Abby tells EJ he wants to make lover to her on the desk right now. Maggie tells Brady that she loves him, and leaves.

Theresa joins Brady at the Club. Marlena says, "it depends on what Nicole's definition of helping is." Dan defends Nic. Marlena apologizes.

Marlena leaves after her apology. JJ tells Jenn he gave Theresa weed that night. JJ says he called Daniel when Theresa overdosed.

EJ starts to touch Abby. He asks her 2 leave. She moves in for a kiss. Eric joins Dichole. Eric tells Dan that he's leaving the church

JJ tells Jenn that Dan helped him clean up Theresa's apartment. He says that Daniel never slept with Theresa.

If Daniel takes Jenn back after all the Hell she has put him through, he's a moron.

Dan leaves Ericole. Eric tells Nicole that he can't wait to see where they go from here. She holds his hand.

Brady tells Theresa about his fight with Eric. Theresa calls Maggie, "a vampire or a shape shifter." Theresa wants to live in a music video.

Roman walks into the Pub and slams the door. He wants to talk to Eric alone. Nicole leaves the Pub. Marlena is waiting outside.

Jenn asks why Dan lied. JJ says Dan improvised. He says Theresa faked not knowing what happened to piss off Jenn.

JJ says Theresa blackmailed him with a videotape. He says he got dirt on Tre. JJ wants Jenn to promise not to go after Theresa.

JJ tells Jenn that Daniel still loves her. God knows why.

EJ almost kisses Abby. Abby tells him that she doesn't want Sami to find out either. They kiss. Roman asks Eric if he's sure.

Marlena admits that she doesn't believe Nicole. Brady orders more drinks. JJ runs into Maggie. JJ tells her that he did something right.

Chloe calls Dan to say Parker is sick. Of course Jenn Jenn is at his door. Puke.

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