Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday's "The Town's Pariah" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Ericole meet for their date, Jenn shows up to Daniel's for their date, Marlena makes a deal with Stefano to get Nicole, Rafe warns Sami about EJ, JJ starts community service, Jordan is not happy to see Ben, and Abby and EJ agree to part ways.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Abby sees EJ in the Square on his phone. Rafe knocks into Sami at the Pub. He tells her that he is cane-free. Ben approaches Jordan

JJ is doing community service at the hospital, which is a great place to have a kid work who used drugs.

Stefano toasts to Marlena who came to the DiMansion. Dan thinks something is wrong with Nicole. Dan thinks she's worried about Marlena

Marlena talks to Stefano about Eric. Eric goes to Jenn's office. Ben asks if Jordan thinks he would have stayed away.

Sami tells Rafe that Ejami set a date. EJ is off the phone, and Abby walks up to him.

Abby wants to chat with EJ. Rafe tells Sami he wants her to be happy but he still wants to take down EJ and Stefano.

Eric tells Jenn to give Dan another chance. She tells him the news. Nicole says she's used to being "the town's pariah."

Dan offers to stick up for Nicole to Marlena. Marlena asks Stefano if he believes in a higher power. She asks him to help Eric.

So Marlena is willing to be in debt to Stefano to keep Eric away from Nicole. She must really not like Nicole.

Anne cancels JJ's community service. He runs to his new assignment. Abby tells EJ that he was not honest about that night, and won't be.

Rafe tells Sami he deserves better than EJ. Rafe compares EJ to Nick, then says it is an insult to Nick.

Ben says he knows Jordan doesn't want Rafe to see them talking. Dan says Nicole is different than the one who hurt others.

Nicole leaves. Stefano says he can't help Eric. Marlena thinks there is something he can do for her. Jenn gives Eric a photo essay.

Eric leaves Jenn's office. Marlena wants a conversation with Chyka.

Stefano figures out that Marlena wants to talk to Chyka about Nicole. Nicole goes to Jenn's and says, "thank God you came to your senses."

Jordan walks away from Ben. Sami asks Rafe how well he knows Jordan. Sami says again she's glad he's ok after a bitter conversation.

JJ meets Russ outside the Pub. JJ's community service is basically cleaning up the Square.


Marlena tells Stefano she wants Chyka to tell her if Nicole's story checks out. Abby says she won't cause a scene.

Bev and Rory laugh at JJ. Russ, his boss, isn't impressed. EJ meets Sami at the Pub. Sami tells EJ that Rafe is after him and Stefano.

Rafe touches Jordan's shoulder at the hospital. She gets jumpy. Jenn guesses that Nicole is dating Eric.

Marlena tells Stefano that Nicole said Chyka escaped with all the evidence.

Rory and Bev bail. Bev comes back and hits on JJ, apparently Bev gets turned on watching men clean garbage cans.

Eric and Nicole meet at Club TBD. He hands her a rose. Dan has champagne ready for Jenn, who is at the door.

Rafe asks Jordan out to dinner. She turns him down saying she's busy. EJ is still mad that Sami almost went to prison for protecting Rafe.

Sami gives EJ a big hug. Abby is still thinking of cabin sex. Someone has pictures.

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