Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday's "Stay Calm" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Dichole gets Chyka to confess before Ricardo breaks in, Kate finds Jordan's fake id stash with Jordan at the door, Lucas and Sheryl agree to separate business from personal, Gabi has an odd encounter with Nick, Sonny sets Nick straight, and Eric fantasizes of his life with Nicole.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets: 

Lucas catches Kate on an anti-Jordan phone call. Rafe hooks his cane around Jordan. Gabi is freaking out over Ari's missing scarf.

Nick orders a drink from Sonny. Brother Timothy tells Eric to have faith. Ricardo asks Stefano if he should eliminate Dichole with Chyka.

Truth serum seems to be working on Chyka. Gabi and Will discuss if Nick and Percy know anything. Gabi doesn't want to hear "stay calm."

Sonny gives Nick the silent treatment. Jordan and Rafe kiss and discuss their date. She says Sheryl is joining them.

Lucas tells Kate he doesn't want to know what she plans for Jordan. Lucas turned down Sheryl when she invited them out with Jafe.

Kate encourages Lucas to date Sheryl. Kate says she needs a tiny favor. Chyka admits that Stefano sent him to work for Kristen.

Ricardo tells Stefano that Chyka is tied up and being questioned.

Will offers to go with Gabi to Caroline's. She refuses. Will leaves. Nick asks if he's bothering Sonny. Sonny is so bad ass with Nick.

Sheryl sees Kate and Lucas in the Square. Kate tells her that Lucas was going to call her about changing his mind about their date.

Kate calls someone to meet. Jafe leave for their date. I can see why Eric says Brother Tim is confusing. He's confusing me too.

Dan tells Nicole to let him ask the questions. Chyka says he can't talk or they will kill him.

Dan asks what did Kristen ask Chyka to do. He says to create a drug cocktail: sedative, memory suppressor, and aphrodisiac.

Chyka says he knew the drug cocktail was for Eric. Will, and Jafe show up at the Club. Lucas tells Sheryl work/personal are separate.

Rafe gives Jordan opening day Wrigley tickets. smh

Will shows Sheryl Ari pics.

Kate broke into Jordan's apartment. Lucas seems uncomfortable with Jafe kissing. Chyka confirms his drug cocktail was effective.

Chyka says he has records. Ricardo busts through the door.

Lucas calls Rafe "cheap". Jordan has to leave for a rescheduled patient. Sheryl rolls her eyes at Jafe. Lucas asks Will about Nick.

Gabi shows up with Ari at the Pub to see Caroline. Nick says he's there to see Caroline too but she went to bed.

Nick asks to hold the baby. Eric prays. Nicole throws something at Ricardo. Dan attacks him. Dan is knocked out.

Nick apologizes for asking to hold Ari. Gabi thinks of Nabi sex. Nick tries to leave. She lets him hold the baby.

Lucas asks Will to tell him first if Nick pulls anything. Jordan kisses Rafe goodbye. Kate finds Jordan's fake id's.

Kate takes a pic of the fake id's. Eric thinks about his future life with Nicole. Dan hits Ricardo with a fireplace poker.

Will tells Sonny he won't tell Lucas their Nick problems. Sonny doesn't want to talk about Nick. Kiss. Nick talks about his friend to Gabi.

Nick seems sincere when he says Nabi made mistakes, but they can start over. He says, "isn't that what hope is all about?"

Nick gives Ari back to Gabi. He says it is a good first step, and he leaves. Kate calls Lucas. Jordan is at the door.

Eric prays while Daniel fights Ricardo for the gun.

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