Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday's "Second Best Day of My Life" #Days Live Tweets

This is a boyfriend pillow, and yes you can buy one.

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Will accepts Sonny's marriage proposal, JJ gets his sentence, Nicole keeps the evidence to herself, Brady keeps drinking, and Dannifer pimping is back.  You should follow me on twitter.  Happy Valentine's Day to you all.  Here are my live tweets:

Joining late, Hope tells Ericole and Dan that Chyka is in Morroco, and we don't have an extradition agreement with them.

Aiden is JJ's new attorney. Brady and Theresa talking at the Square. Brady tells her that Dan is back, so he won't stay there anymore.

Dan asks Nicole if Chyka gave her anything they can use. She says no. Hope says Chyka's place has been wiped clean.

Sonny comes home to Will. They kiss. The owner of the store where JJ shoplifted wrote the judge that he should get community service.

Jenn asks Aiden if JJ could go to prison. Magic back from the museum. Victor calls JJ's judge, "a tight ass" they play poker together.

Maggie asks Victor to try to get Brady into rehab. Theresa leaves Brady. Eric leaves Dan's. Hope wants to talk to Nicole, Nic blows her off.

Nicole looks through Chyka's file in the bathroom. Nicole wonders what she should do.

Sonny gives Will a book.Will gives Sonny a photo album, there's a blank page for V-Day and Will accepting Sonny's marriage proposal.

Eric rejoins Dan. Eric tells Dan that sometimes they have to accept God's plan. Nicole wants to talk to Eric.

Abe joins Abby and JJ at the court room. Theresa walks into the court room.

Will says he's tired of waiting for his life to be less chaotic. Will says, "Sonny Kiriakis, I would love to marry you."

Victor tells Maggie that he thinks Brady is doing fine. Brady considers calling Eric, then doesn't. Hope wants a statement from Nicole

Theresa says she's paying a parking ticket. Abby sees Theresa leave.

Brady offers to make martinis for him and Victor. Vic gives him a look. Nicole tells Eric at the Sq not to announce his resignation yet.

Hope pimps Dannifer to Dan again. They have been broken up now for 6 months. Move on people!

The judge mentions the rise in teenaged shoplifting, and wants to set an example. The judge wants to hear from JJ.

Wilson after engagement sex, Sonny says it is the best day of his life. He corrects himself, and says Ari's birth was #1.

Will wants to get married today. Victor tells Brady that him drinking is not a problem. Then Victor says he's done drinking for the day.

Brady leaves after Victor gets on him for drinking at 10:30 am. Eric tells Nicole that he's not making a rushed decision.

Eric tells Nicole about how she is always thinking of him, and not making selfish decisions.

JJ tells the judge that he gives his family credit for him changing his ways. The judge is ready to sentence him.

Sonny wants a wedding with family. Will doesn't want a long engagement. They both agree that Nick won't be invited. lol

Brady drinks at the Club. He leaves. Nicole asks Eric if he is sure he never wants to be a priest again.

After Eric leaves to go to church, Nicole asks God for a sign. The judge gives JJ a year probation and community service.

Hope again runs into Aiden. I'm starting to think she's doing this on purpose.

Maggie tells Hope that Aiden saved the day. Theresa shows up at Dan's. He's trying to get rid of her. She insists on doing it now.

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