Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Rant About Unromantic Rafe

It has been bothering me for awhile now that Rafe treats Jordan like his drinking buddy.  After watching today's episode of Days of our Lives, Rafe being unbelievably unromantic needed its own blog post. Rafe actually had the nerve today to complain about not getting any!  Well, Rafe here is why you have not gotten any yet:

1.  You are not really dating.  Having Jordan escort you around town while you visit your friends and family is not a date.  Technically speaking, she was working. Lately, your dates have been double dates with your new bff, Lucas and his subordinate Sheryl.  It is hard to get romantic in front of two people who are not technically dating yet either. Taking Jordan to either the Brady Pub for beer and hamburgers or Club TBD for beer and hamburgers does not turn a girl on either.  Stop treating Jordan like she is a dude!

2.  You are cheap.  As mentioned in point #1, you have not really spent any money wooing Jordan on real dates.  Women do not think it is funny to give them a cheap Christmas gift in an expensive shopping bag/box either.  The "Coach" T shirt was cute, but again, that is something you buy your best buddy, not the girl you are trying to sleep with. 

3.  Stop with the sports gifts.  Yes we know Jordan likes football.  I must have missed something because I did not get why Rafe got her tickets for Wrigley Field when I do not remember Jordan mentioning she liked baseball.  Again, unless Jordan is a big Cubs fan, that is not a romantic gift.  Jordan is a Steelers fan from Birmingham, so I don't see why Rafe would assume she would be a Cubs fan.

4.  You do not really know her at all.  Rafe complained today that he has never been to her apartment.  He did not know about Arthur the neutered cat.  He knows nothing of her family.  A lot of this is Jordan's fault because of whatever reason, she does not want to share information about herself.  Rafe has avoided talking about Jordan's past, but her apartment and her cat are her present.  Even though Jordan does not want to talk about the past, Rafe should still find out what is going on in her life right now.

5.  Dude, you were in a wheelchair for months.  Rafe has only been walking with a cane recently.  He cannot even walk threateningly towards Nick without falling down, but he thinks he has been ready for sex.  He could be ready for sex now, but it is not Jordan's fault he was not physically ready before.

I know Jordan and Rafe have sex for Valentine's Day, in my humble opinion, he has not really earned it.  Hopefully after the sex, Rafe starts treating Jordan like a lady.  Jordan also needs to do herself a favor by telling Rafe to stop treating her like a guy. 


  1. PREACH IT Diva! You have me rolling on the floor lmao over here! Does he even know her at all - is the question at hand! BRAVO.