Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday's "Three Upstanding Citizens" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, EJ warns Sami not to underestimate Nick, Nick threatens Kate to hire him, Theresa starts to fall in JJ's trap, Abby warns JJ to stay away from Theresa, Maggie wants Brady to abstain from alcohol, and Hope figures out what is going on with Ciara.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Gabi tells Will that Nick wants to be friends. Nick tells Kate they need to talk about the last time they were together.

Maggie busts Brady for drinking. Hope meets with Father Louis about Ciara/Chase. Aiden shows up and demands to be a part of the conversation

Aiden wants Ciara to go to public school. He calls Ciara a "hooligan." JJ distracts Theresa from seeing Bev at the hospital.

EJ is drinking. Sami asks if he got Abby to shut up. EJ says Abby is "the least of her problems." Ejami argue about Nick's amnesia.

Kate tells Nick about the virus he gave Mad World. He's sorry. He wants to work with her. She refuses.

Nick tells Kate that she's not in a position to turn him down.

Bev leaves a message for JJ saying she did what he told her.

Funny how Abby had time to sex up EJ at work, but none to talk to her brother.

Aiden throws Eric's tape in Hope's face. Father Louis sticks up for Hope. Maggie tells Brady she knows about his drunken AA meeting.

Brady refuses rehab again. Will says Nick has played the "nice guy" game before. Nick says he can make Kate's life a living hell.

Brady pours himself a drink in front of Maggie. Abby asks JJ what is up with Theresa. He asks what is up with her.

EJ tells Sami that she's underestimating Nick Fallon. Nick leaves after asking Kate for a job.

Abby is serving tea to JJ. Seriously, how old is she? I've never done that in my life.

Anne jokes about putting Theresa in a sensitivity seminar. They both laugh.

JJ tells Abby that Theresa hates her because Jenn fired her. JJ says he's trying to get Theresa fired. Abby warns him.

Theresa tells Anne that she's going to win the "kind and gentle sweepstakes" for Daniel. Aiden is a widower.

Father Louis asks Aiden and Hope to meet with the kids to work things out. Hope tells him that Ciara's father isn't around.

Brady denies having a drinking problem. Maggie is not buying it. Brady tells her to "butt out."

Maggie says she will butt out. Brady says he loves her, but doesn't need her pressure. Maggie says she can't be his sponsor.

Brady leaves the mansion. Abby tells JJ to leave Theresa alone. T waits on Nick at the Club. T sends a text.

EJ tells Sami that things have to change. She leaves.

Bev and JJ talk about their plan. Theresa tells Abby that she needs to get laid. lol

Kami go over Wilson's apartment. Gabi tells them what Nick said to her. Kate says Nick wanted a job.

Sami tells Kate to give Nick an office on the top of the building overlooking the river. lol

Brady orders a drink from T. Hope and Aiden agree to meet tomorrow. Hope tries to be nice to him, he cuts her short and leaves.

Brady leaves the club. Will walks in and talks to Nick about him wanting to be friends with Gabi. Nick says they are family.

Will tells Nick not to push the family thing. Nick says he's very motivated.

Hope asks Ciara about school at the Pub. Ciara says Chase is mean, he makes her mad, and then they fight.

Ciara is mad because Chase brags about how awesome his dad is. Hope says she gets the picture.

Brady goes back to the K-Mansion that he didn't drink at the Club. He did it to prove to Maggie that he doesn't need to drink.

Theresa opens up her interoffice envelope with the check for Abby in it that Bev put in there. Abby calls EJ.

Abby apologizes to EJ for threatening him. She says she won't talk to Hope. EJ says he's glad she called. They hang up.

EJ looks out the doors. Kate rolls her eyes when Sami says they are "3 upstanding citizens."

They are all in to not let Nick ruin their lives. Nick tells Will he's lucky. T says Nick is "some piece of work."

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