Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday's "Drama Queen" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Brady goes on a bender when he finds out what happened to Ericole, Dan sees Jenn on a date, JJ enlists Bev to help him, Abby confronts EJ about Nick, and Hope finds out that Ciara is a little bully.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

JJ is conspiring on the phone. Jenn joins him in the living room. Abby shows up with treats for the christening at the church.

Julie tells Abby that she's sworn off sweets since the doughnuts/book club incident. lol

Julie tells Abby she has an update on Nick. Henderson tells Brady about Ericole being in the hospital.

Stefano warns someone on the phone that Chyka better not show up in the country again. EJ asks about the call.

Sonny and Gabi rehearse what to say about Nick. Julie says the texts from Nick don't sound like him.

Theresa accuses Brady of partying all night at the hospital. Jenn leaves the house. Brady talks to Hope about Ericole.

EJ tells Stefano that Chyka needs to be stopped. Abby asks Julie why someone is texting as Nick.

Bev shows up to talk to JJ. Theresa thanks Dan for saving Eric. Jenn watches them talk. Abby thinks back about her talks w EJ about Nick.

Abby leaves the church saying she has to talk to EJ. EJ tells Stefano that Stefano is picking an employee over his son.

Hope shows Dan a sketch of Dr. Chyka. Brady sees the sketch, and says he talked to him at the airport.

JJ tells Bev that he wants more than friendship from her. JJ says he wants to keep it casual in case he goes to prison.

Gabi leaves for the church. EJ says it's an option to take Chyka to the SPD. Stefano tells EJ not to cross Kristen.

Brady tells Hope that Chyka was off to Vegas.

Hope talks to Father Matt about Ciara. Ciara isn't getting along with one classmate. Jenn talks to Dan about Ericole.

Dan tries to get Theresa to leave for AA. Brady goes home. He's angry that Ericole getting hurt was his fault. He drinks.

Abby shows up at the DiMansion. She tells EJ she wants to talk about Nick.

Theresa is bummed that Maggie isn't at the AA meeting. JJ tells Bev his story about Theresa. Bev offers to help him.

Dan talks to Jenn at the Pub when Liam shows up for their date. Father Matt leaves. A man comes in & tells Hope that Ciara is out of control

Gabi thinks about her church wedding with Nick. Julie asks if she's thinking of Nick. EJ tells Abby that Julie is a drama queen.

Abby asks EJ how he convinced Nick to leave town. Abby accuses him of lying.

Bev calls Anne to talk about being a candy striper. She gets an interview. Liam gives Jenn a bouquet. Dan leaves shaking his head.

Brady shows up at AA loaded. Aiden Jennings tells Hope that Ciara is harassing his son. Hope says he's offensive. lol Matt agrees with him.

Julie tells Gabi that her wedding was "a bit of a mess." Abby tells EJ that he played her. EJ stops her from talking to Hope.

Abby asks EJ what he did to Nick.

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