Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday's "The Son of the Prince of Darkness" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, EJabby have sex for the second time, JJ confides in Rory on how to deal with Theresa, Ciara lies to Hope about her problems at school, and EJ and Abby keep their tryst a secret.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Theresa sees Hope at the Pub. Hope wants to talk about JJ. JJ and Rory get suspected of shop lifting, Abe shows up.

Rafe and Jordan say hello to Kate and Lucas. Lucas leaves to give Sheryl her book back. They agree to meet at the Pub.

NuWill tells Sonny that he's getting published online. Gabi asks if EJ stopped Abby. EJabby finish up round 2.

Hope asks why Theresa is still talking to JJ when she's not supposed to be. JJ asks Cole to tell the cop they didn't shoplift.

EJAbby agree not to do it again.

Sheryl leaves Lucas quickly after spying Jordan. Kate wants Lucas to get Sheryl to spill about Jordan. Ciara joins Hope and Theresa.

Theresa tells Hope that she's just being cordial to JJ. Ciara's school uniform was trashed. Theresa smirks.

The store owner clears JJ and Rory before they have to open their backpacks. Abe apologizes to them. Abe wants to talk to JJ.

Gabi tells Will why EJ is trying to stop Abby from talking to Hope. EJAbby got dressed. EJ offers her a boat ride.

EJ refers to himself as "the son of the prince of darkness." lol EJ asks Abby not to tell Hope about Nick's text message. She agrees.

Abby says that Sami will kill her if she knew. She's right about that.

Rafe reassures Jordan that he told Kate that Rate is over. Ciara claims that no one is bothering her at school. Ciara confides in Theresa.

Abe reminds JJ that Jenn doesn't need him in trouble. JJ tells Rory that he's "going to kick some ass." Sonny is worried about EJ.

Gabi brings out the baby. Sonny offers the babysit while Wabi look for EJ. Abby wants to be friends with EJ.

Theresa leaves. Hope and Ciara hug it out. Ciara leaves with her friend. Rafe asks Jordan what is wrong.

Abby runs into Hope and tells her it was no big deal what she had to say. Gabi finds EJ at home. Theresa goes home, JJ shows up.

JJ tells Theresa that he hates her.

JJ tells Theresa that he almost got caught. Sheryl joins Kate and Lucas at the Pub. Sheryl admits to knowing Jordan.

Rafe tells Jordan that he's from "West Salem." I wonder if West Salem is as crazy as East Salem.

Rafe asks Jordan why she moved from Birmingham. Hope asks Abby how she got back from the island. She caught a ride.

EJ tells Gabi and Will that Abby will keep her mouth shut. EJ tells her that he told Abby that Gabi is jumpy about Nick.

Kate asks why Sheryl was upset to see Jordan. Sheryl says they were close, then everything changed. Jordan says she moved b/c of Rafe.

Hope wants Abby to start from the beginning. EJ is acting like his dog died. He tells Wabi that Sami is out of town.

Will asks what is up with EJami. Will tells EJ that he and Sami make EJ's life more complicated. Theresa wants info on Daniel.

JJ calls Rory after leaving Theresa's.

Kate leaves Sheryl with Lucas. JJ tells Rory his Theresa problem. Jordan wants to leave. Kate shows up. Hope tells Abby she's there for her.

EJ drinks alone. He says to himself, "bloody hell. What have I done?"

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