Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday's "He Loves Me" #Days Live tweets

Thanks for being patient with me due to my illness.  On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Daniel rescues Ericole, Ejami make up until they hear about Eric almost dying, Julie talks to Hope about Nick, and Sheryl, Jordan, Rafe, and Lucas enjoy sandwiches.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

EJ asks if their separation is over. Abby won't tell Will the name of the guy she's thinking of. He says he knows who it is.

Lucas tells Sheryl that the head of marketing loves her. Sheryl reveals she was roommates with Jordan. Jordan and Rafe walk around the Sq.

Rafe offers to take Jordan to the Pub. Dan calls Roman that he thinks Ericole are in the basement. Ericole are passed out.

Hope meets Julie at the Club. She tells her that Nick has disappeared. Sami tells EJ that Gabi said he's "a stand by your woman" guy.

Dan tries to get into the basement. He shouts at Ericole.

Eric hears Dan. Nicole is still out. Dan can hear Eric. Dan uses an axe on the door. Sheryl doesn't want to dish on Jordan.

Will guesses that Abby is in love with an older guy. Will asks why she didn't put on the brakes. EJami make up and kiss.

Hope gets a call from Roman about Eric. She leaves Julie. Julie rolls her eyes.

Dan busts through the door and a window for air, while untying Nicole. He carries Nicole into the hallway. The police get Eric.

Jordan talks to Sheryl. Sheryl assures Jordan that she kept her privacy. Lucas tells Rafe maybe Jordan/Sheryl will be friends again.

Will thinks Abby is with a professor. Abby denies it. EJ picks up Sami. Marlena calls EJ's phone and tells Sami that Eric is in the hospital

Ericole are admitted into the hospital. Hope asks for a description of the guy from Daniel. Eric calls out Nicole's name.

Rafe teases Lucas about Sheryl. Jordan tells Sheryl that she and Rafe aren't serious. Nicole is awake. She asks about Eric.

Nicole tells Hope about Dr. Chyka. Nicole tells Dan that Eric knocked out the air conditioning. Hope updates Eric on Nicole.

Ejami, Roman, and Marlena show up at the hospital. Roman updates Sami.

Sheryl isn't happy with Jordan not confiding in her. Lucas and Rafe give the ladies some sandwiches.

Julie runs into Abby and Will. Julie tells them she is talking to the police about Nick.

Roman and Marlena update Ejami about Dr. Chyka. Hope leaves Eric after getting a brief statement from him. Nicole tells Dan what happened.

Eric and Nicole keep thinking about each other.

Sheryl and Jordan tell a story about moving and renting cars. Roman updates Ejami and Marlena on Ericole's health status.

Marlena offers to get coffee for Sami. Sami talks to EJ about the attempt to kill Ericole. Sami wants to know who tried to kill them.

Hope takes Nicole's statement with Roman. Nicole praises Eric to Roman. Ericole think about their declarations of love.

Sheryl and Lucas leave. Lucas gets a call from Kate and lies that he didn't see Sheryl. Nicole says to herself, "he loves me."

Julie tells Will that she will ask Hope to talk to Gabi about Nick. Abby remembers EJ asking her not to talk to Hope.

Sami tells EJ "your blood tried to kill mine." She leaves. Marlena hugs Sami while they look at Eric. EJ watches them.

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