Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday's "Dangerous Game" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, EJAbby almost get caught in the act, Bev and JJ team up against Theresa, Eric gets sent on a retreat, Daniel gets an idea on how to help Eric, Nick wants a clean slate with Gabi, and Stefano wants to go to dinner with Kate.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Abby is in the uniform stock room, EJ comes in. He locks the door. JJ gives a paycheck to a dressed up Bev.

Theresa calls Dan to plan dinner. He refuses due to trying to fix his computer. He hangs up due to Eric at the door.

Eric asks Dan if he can recover his work on his case. Nicole looks at the interview of Eric. Kate walks into the DiMansion, Stefano is there

Nick says he's glad to be alone with Gabi. Nick asks if she remembers the last time they were alone.

Dan says the files are gone. Nicole's boss doesn't want Nic to do a puff piece on Eric. He asks, "what's the deal with you and the priest?"

JJ calls Theresa and says he needs to see her now. Nick is referring to their argument at the Square. EJ blocks Abby from leaving.

EJ denies doing anything to Nick. He tells Abby that she's "playing a dangerous game." And she will lose.
Theresa agrees to meet JJ. Bev is at the hospital. Nicole says she's just friends with Eric. Her boss says Eric was "just friends" w Kristen

Eric leaves. EJ strokes Abby's neck. EJ wants her to tell him how to see things his way. They kiss roughly.

Miles leaves. Dan asks Nicole why she didn't tell Eric about his records being gone. She says she didn't want to be the one to tell him.

Nicole tells Dan that something happened in the basement. Eric is praying in the church. A priest asks if he needs to talk.

Eric says he feels alone in church now. The priest tells him to hang in there. Theresa goes to JJ's. JJ says he found stuff about Nicole.

Theresa tells JJ that Bev has a crush on him. Stefano doesn't know where his girlfriend is. Stefano wants dinner with Kate.

Nick asks if Gabi wants him gone forever. I guess dumping his body in the river didn't give him a clue...

Abby and EJ go at it on some boxes. A guy outside the door has a key.

Eric tells the priest that Ericole admitted they love each other. Nicole tells Dan that she told Eric that Dichole was a charade.

Dan has to go back to the hospital. JJ doesn't know if Dichole are sleeping together. Anne interviews Bev.

Anne gets Bev some water when she freaks out over working with blood and urine. Nick asks for one more chance with Gabi.

Stefano says that Chad wants to talk to Kate. Kate isn't buying itf. Stefano tells Kate to "drop by, any time." She leaves.

A hospital employee knocks on the supply room door with EJAbby going at it.

EJAbby get their clothes back on. Abby grabs towels for the employee. Abby says to EJ that she is losing her mind. She leaves.

Nick asks to be Gabi's friend. Theresa thinks JJ is up to something. Bev gets the job. Theresa is set to leave, when Roman is at the door.

Eric is dressed as a priest when he meets Dichole at the Pub. Dan apologizes to him for lying. Eric says, "something's happened."

Roman tells Theresa and JJ to stay away from each other. Theresa leaves. Roman threatens to tell Jenn. Roman agrees to keep quiet.

JJ texts Bev to leave the hospital now. Anne leaves Bev alone in her office. Bev slips something in Theresa's file.

Nick leaves after asking for a "clean slate" with Gabi. Stefano talks to EJ about Nick. EJ won't talk about it.

EJ tells Stefano he has everything under control. Eric tells Nicole that he's going on a retreat. Eric says he has not been reinstated yet.

Eric says he's not turning to her if only the priesthood doesn't work out.

JJ follows Theresa to the hospital. She asks if he's following her. Eric tells Nicole they both need to ask God what to do.

Roman calls Dan. They talk about whether the doctor was a real doctor. Dan takes out his list of doctors.

Nick wants to talk to Kate at the Square. Abby is at the Pub thinking of doing EJ. Stefano tells EJ he wants everything to work out w Ejami.

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