Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday's "Crime Fighting Team" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, EJabby have sex, Brady and Theresa go to AA, Dichole go drug busting, and Eric agrees to do an interview with Nicole.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Theresa calls JJ. Jenn overhears JJ telling Theresa how much he hates her. Eric talks to Father Matt about Brady's relapse.

The Bishop has given Eric permission to do an interview with Nicole. Dan tells Nicole he's going to talk to the drug dealer.

Brady hides his drink from Maggie. Kate tells Gabi on the phone that she thought she knew she was texting as Nick.

EJ pulls away from a kiss with Abby. She goes in for seconds.

JJ tells Theresa that she will get what she deserves. Jenn asks him who was on the phone. Brady claims he's ill to Maggie.

Nicole wants to go with Dan. EJ pulls away from Abby again. Abby kisses him while taking off his clothes. He throws her on the bed.

Rafe does PT. Lucas and Kate meet at the Club. She wants Lucas to interview the woman who knows Jordan.

Juanita shows up at Theresa's to make sure she goes to AA. JJ tells Jenn that kids are harassing him at school.

Eric admits to feelings for Nicole, but he won't let them stand in his way of returning to the priesthood.

Dan doesn't want Nicole going with him to confront Brady's drug dealer.

Jordan overhears Rafe praising her. Lucas agrees to do the interview when Kate says she'll give the assignment to someone else.

Theresa goes to the meeting, and complains about how she was forced to go. Brady shows up. Brady states that he recently relapsed.

Dan tells the dealer to leave town. The dealer takes a swing at him. Nicole shows up and grabs the dealer's knife.

Lucas interviews Sheryl. Kate watches. Jordan wears the shirt Rafe bought her. Rafe asks Jordan out to dinner. She agrees.

Jenn hires Eric to take pr photos for the hospital. He stops himself from talking about Dan to her.

Dan threatens to tell Victor about the drug dealer dealing to Brady. Nicole snaps his picture. JJ watches.

EJabby look like they are in shock after their sexcapade.

Lucas basically asks if Sheryl is single. Kate introduces herself. The AA meeting is over.

Theresa tells Maggie that Brady is "kind of a jerk." Eric tries to stick up for Dan to Jenn. The dealer agrees to leave.

Nicole tells Dan that they are "a crime fighting team." EJ tells Abby that he didn't mean for it to happen.

Sheryl leaves. Kate tells Lucas to give her a job. JJ gets drugs from Rory. Maggie tells Theresa to stay away from Daniel.

Nicole meets with Eric at the Pub. Eric asks for her to interview him. Abby realizes she slept with DiMera brothers. lol

Eww Abby asks EJ not to compare notes with Chad. EJ tells Abby that it was "quite lovely" being with her.

Sheryl left a book on the table. Jordan and Rafe say hello. Sheryl is right outside the window. Dannifer bump into each other.

Jenn tells Dan that she thinks he's a good person. He says the same to her. She says "too bad we can't be good to each other."

Rory and JJ are ordered to open their bags for the Horton Square police. Brady is home drinking.

EJabby start kissing again.

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