Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thursday's "Say Yes to the Wedding Dress" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Will and Sonny encounter Percy, Lucas meets Jordan, Rafe and Jordan have a steamy kiss, Kate tells Sami that EJ owns her, and EJ and Sami argue over their trust issues.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Kami meet at the park. Sami needs Kate's help before she leaves town. EJ gets handed the evidence found at the crime scene.

Stefano tells EJ that there's trouble in paradise. Will wants to know Sonny's New Year's Resolution. It is to marry Will.

It was all a nightmare on Sonny's part. The dream was about Nick telling Sonny to tell Will the whole truth of everything he's hiding.

Percy and Will at the river. "Greetings!" Man that guy is creepy.

Gabi and the baby visit Rafe. Gabi asks about his love life. Abby introduces Lucas to Jordan. He says he's heard a lot about her.

Stefano questions EJ on sleeping alone. EJ says it is his business. Sami asks Kate to keep an eye on Gabi while she's gone.

Sonny panics when he can't find Will and leaves. Percy says the weather is "cold and lethal."

Percy thinks something in the river is creating a current. Sonny finds Will with Percy. Percy remembers Wilson.

Lucas tells Jordan that Kate is his mother. Jordan says she's not Rafe's PT anymore. Abby wants to go ice skating.

Jordan leaves. Abby asks Lucas if she's nice. Lucas says, "yeah." lol

Kate tells Sami that EJ owns her now. Kate tells her to "say yes to the wedding dress." Sami says EJ won't blackmail her into marriage.

EJ tells Stefano that he doesn't want a hostage. EJ gets a call about the DiMera jet. He's not happy.

Lucas and Jordan already have more chemistry than Rafe and Jordan.

Kate tells Sami that EJ needs to prove to Stefano that he can handle his woman. Sonny tells Will that Percy was Santa.

Percy says he'll take Kami and Gabi's secret to his grave. Probably sooner than he thinks.

Kate meets Lucas at the Club. Lucas tells Kate that he met Jordan, and "she is beautiful."

Rafe only wearing a towel trying to walk to his couch. He falls. Knock on the door. Jordan is there with coffee.

Percy leaves, thank God. Will tells Sonny that Percy knows.

EJ calls Sami, she puts him on ignore. He's in the foyer. She's in the living room. lol

EJ shows Sami the evidence his cleaner found.

Sonny tells Will that Percy doesn't know. Will questions if Nick froze to death or drowned first. Will doesn't think Nick deserved death.

Sonny agrees that Nick didn't deserve to die. Will asks how do they go on knowing that? Gabi asks Abby about Jordan.

Rafe tells Jordan that his left leg gave out. Jordan calls him a fool. Kate tells Lucas that it looks like Jordan/Rafe are a couple.

Lucas asks Kate if her detective got dirt on Jordan. Gabi asks Abby 2 be Ari's godmother. Abby tells Gabi she thinks it was a text from Nick

Sami tells EJ "thank you" for cleaning the scene. EJ refuses to give the evidence to her, and walks away. "What are you doing?" she says.

Jordan tells Rafe to learn from Ari trying to walk. She wants him to stop pushing himself so hard. They kiss.

Kate tells Lucas that she's moved on from Rafe. She wants Lucas to interview someone from Birmingham where Jordan is from.

Jordan hands Rafe his clothes. He says he may need help. Abby says Nick hasn't text her. Sonny tells Will that EJ will protect them.

Sami wants to burn the evidence. Sami brings up Kristen raping Eric. EJ asks if she wants to marry him or not.

Jordan calls a guy to help Rafe get dressed. Kate agrees to back off if Jordan's legit. Lucas isn't buying it.

Rafe says he's listening to his body. He asks Jordan what her body is saying. They kiss.

Will thinks Kami and Gabi should turn themselves in. Sonny talks him into going home.

Abby gets a text from Nick saying "things are going swimmingly." Gabi freaks out. EJ locks Sami into the living room.

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