Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday's "I'm a Bad Guy" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, EJ tries to talk Abby into keeping her mouth shut, Eric asks Nicole to give him time, Theresa manipulates Brady and Daniel, Hope and Aidan clash, and Julie scares Gabi.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Brady shows up to AA plastered. Dan checks on Eric. Eric asks about Nicole. Nicole dreams of Eric.

Hope learns that Ciara is being mean to Chase, Aidan's son. Hope apologizes to Aidan. Aidan rips her a new one.

Julie tells Gabi that she thinks something terrible happened to Nick. Abby asks EJ if he killed Nick. He's angry by the question.

Dan tells Eric that Nicole is also being released. Eric wants to see Nicole right now. Julie thinks Gabi still has feelings for Nick.

Gabi runs away from Julie. Can't say that I blame her.

EJ gives Abby his word that he did not kill Nick. Abby asks if Gabi killed Nick.

Father Matt ends the meeting with Hope and Aidan. Hope tries to make amends. Aidan says Hope is a big part of the problem.

Dan checks on Nicole who is already dressed. Theresa wants Brady kicked out of the meeting. Will asks Julie why she upset Gabi.

Julie tells Wilson that she is sure that Nick is not sending his texts. EJ asks Abby is Gabi is capable of killing.

Abby tells EJ that she thinks Julie is right. Abby says he slept with her to get her to not talk to Hope.

Eric is given a rosary from a nun. Theresa talks about putting sobriety first. Brady laughs at her. Brady asks Tre to drive him home.

Julie tells Wilson she's going to talk to Hope before the christening. EJ denies sleeping with Abby to keep her quiet.

EJ tells Abby to stay, she slips out of the DiMansion.

Brady is drinking on the park bench. Theresa is right behind him. She calls Dan and tells him Brady is wasted.

Eric tells Nicole that "we should talk." Gabi enters the DiMansion and freaks out. EJ rolls his eyes.

Dan and Theresa help Brady out of the park. Eric tells Nicole he meant what he said, and he is not taking it back.

Ericole exchange "I love you's". Nicole tells Eric he loves the church. Julie meets Hope at the Pub. Abby joins Wilson at the church.

EJ and Gabi head to the church.

Dan and Theresa take Brady to the K-Mansion. Brady admits he screened Dan's phone calls. Brady says "I'm a bad guy."

Brady tells Dan that he hates Eric. Eric tells Nicole that he needs time to find his own path. She'll wait for him. They hug.

Hope refuses to open an investigation on Nick, but she will ask questions. Julie tells Hope that Gabi is acting strange.

EJ sees Abby with Ari at the church.

EJ tells Abby that he slept with her because he couldn't stop himself.

Brady is asleep. Theresa wants to meet with Dan to discuss the night she overdosed. She leaves the mansion.

Nicole wonders if she should tell Eric that he has little chance of remaining a priest. Julie and Hope show up at the church.

Abby tells EJ that she needs to tell Hope everything she knows about Nick. EJ asks her to wait to talk until after the christening.

Julie and Hope walk to the altar with EJ and Abby there.

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