Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday's "I Slept With..." #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Abby is riddled with guilt over sleeping with EJ, Daniel makes progress on Eric's case, Nicole interviews Eric, Jordan and Sheryl meet face to face, EJ is not happy with Kate, and Stefano tries to stop Daniel from exposing Kristen.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Abby has a nightmare of being caught in the act with EJ by Jenn, and EJ is laughing at her. Jenn comforts her when she wakes up.

Gabi actually wishes for Nick when she has a hard time with math. Rafe and Jordan show up. Kate meets with Lucas at the Club.

Sheryl joins Kate and Lucas. EJ looks at a pic of Sami on his phone. Eric comes to his table at the Pub. Eric asks where Sami is.

Dan shows up at his place in the morning. Dan tells Nicole he has Eric's blood work. He picks up Nicole and swings her around.

Stefano talks to someone on the phone about Daniel. Abby denies having a nightmare. Jenn asks about Smith Island.

Eric suspects that EJami are having problems. Dan says he has proof that Eric was drugged.

Kate talks 2 Sheryl alone about Jordan. Gabi receives a christening gown 4 Ari. Ari's christening day is the same day as wedding with Nick.

Stefano leaves the DiMansion saying he needs information.

Lucas interrupts Kate and Sheryl. Sami texts Kate about Gabi. Rafe apologizes for mentioning Nabi's first wedding day.

Dichole agree to shake hands to try to keep their friendship platonic. She leaves. Eric bets EJ does not have a clear conscience about Sami.

Abby assures her mom that she's ok. Jenn tells her she's proud of her.

Lucas is totally smitten with Sheryl. Kate shows up at Gabi's. Kate tells Rafe and Jordan to go to the Club for breakfast.

Gabi tells Kate that EJ handled Abby.

Eric tells EJ, "nothing that is hidden under the sheets stays there for long." lol

Abby tells Jenn that Abby screws things up. Abby agrees to tell Jenn. Stefano shows up at Dan's.

Eric goes to Nicole's office. She updates him on Daniel. Stefano wants inside Dan's. He refuses. Stefano leaves.

Dan gets ready to leave with Eric's medical records. Eric thanks Nicole. Abby says to Jenn, "I slept with..........Chad."

Gabi is folding laundry. I just thought I'd share that with everyone. You don't see that too often on soaps.

Kate thinks it's a good idea for Gabi to talk to Abby. Jenn starts DiMera bashing, except for her ex-hubby who was a DiMera.

Jenn comforts Abby that Chad manipulating her wasn't her fault.

EJ tells Kate that he handled it with Abby. EJ blames Kate for not telling Gabi she was texting as Nick. Abby keeps thinking of EJ.

Nicole starts her interview with Eric. Dan goes to his office. Maxine gives Dan his print out. He runs into Jenn.

Eric talks about being humiliated. He says he will prove his innocence. Stefano tells a henchman that Dan will not get evidence against Kris

Jordan sees Sheryl at the Club. Kate tells EJ that she told Gabi to talk to Abby. EJ is not happy. Kate asks what did he do to Abby.

Gabi goes to Abby's house. Eric mentions hurting a friend during his interview with Nicole as his biggest regret.

Dan printed out a list of doctors who have knowledge of the drugs used including Dr. Chyka. Henchman asks Stefano if he should kill Dan.

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