Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday's "To Dreams, and the Fools Who Make Them" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, no one wants to see Marlena nor Maggie, JJ almost confesses to Daniel, Dr. Chyka easily breaks into Daniel's office, Sami explains the DiMeras to Abby, and Brady drinks heavily.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Rory goes to JJ's house to tell him he has a plan to get rid of Theresa. Theresa has a fantasy of being with Dan and he rejects her.

Dr. Chyka goes to Dan's office. He says he recognizes Eric. Eric asks how he knows him. Marlena walks into a fight with Brady/Nicole.

EJ rubs Abby's shoulders while Sami walks into the living room. Rory tells JJ to tell Dan everything. JJ says Dan is "sneaky in a good way."

Theresa tells Anne she needs a new angle with Dan. Dan shows Eric out while Chyka looks over his desk. Bricole deny arguing to Marlena.

Marlena asks Nicole how the interview went with Eric. She says it was fine, Marlena doesn't believe her. Sami asks what is going on.

Maggie walks in on Marlena and Nicole. Marlena is not happy to see her. Maggie says Victor was sincere. Marlena barges out in a huff.

Theresa and Brady go to AA. Theresa tries to small talk Brady, who mentions he's friends with Dan AND Jennifer.

Dr. Chyka pretends to be Dr. Duval and tries to talk about Eric's case. Dan doesn't want to talk about it. Sami stops Abby from leaving.

EJ tells the Chad story to Sami.

Dan gets a call from JJ. Dan tells Chyka he'll meet with him tomorrow. He locks the door to his office.

Maggie tells Nicole that Brady refused rehab. Brady tells Theresa they are not related. He calls her "you selfish little bitch."

Chyka successfully busts into Dan's office. He hooks up a flash drive to Dan's computer, then goes through his paper files.

Dan meets JJ at the park. Sami wants to talk to Abby one on one.

Marlena and Eric meet at the Pub. Eric tells Marlena that Nicole has moved on. Brady defends the Bradys to Theresa.

Theresa doesn't take any crap from Brady. Brady seems turned on.

EJ leaves Sami and Abby alone.

Marlena tells Eric that Nicole is "emotionally unpredictable." Eric tells Marlena he has feelings for Nicole.

Maggie asks Nicole to help get Brady into rehab. Brady leaves AA before it starts, Theresa follows him.

Sami tells Abby to not to blow out of proportion what happened. And that EJ is loyal to his family.

Sami tells Abby that the DiMeras will do anything to get what they want. EJ tries to eavesdrop on them. JJ sees Theresa spying on him.

Sami lets Abby leave. Sami tells Abby she can call her. Brady goes upstairs of the K-Mansion instead of getting a drink.

Dr. Chyka breaks into Dan's apartment. Theresa ducks out of sight before Dan can see her. JJ talks about Jenn and Liam.

Dan tells JJ that Dannifer will never get back together. Dan leaves. Theresa says to JJ "you bastard."

Maggie starts examining the liquor bottles. Brady drinks in his room. He toasts himself, "to dreams, and fools who dream them. "

Theresa threatens JJ again. Marlena tells Eric that Nicole knows how he feels. Dan goes back to his office.

Abby escapes the DiMansion. Sami asks EJ if Chad and Kristen used the same doctor. Dan notices his computer is messed up.
Nicole in a bath towel, finds Chyka on Dan's computer at his apartment.

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