Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday's "The Mausoleum of Death and Despair" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Nick explains where he's been, Hope doesn't believe Nick, Sheryl and Lucas have a non-business meeting, Abby still wants EJ, and the co-conspirators celebrate being off the hook for Nick's "death." You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Abby tells Hope she needs to tell her something. Nick shuts the doors, and says "sorry, am I interrupting?"

Jordan and Sheryl meet at the Square. T asks Rafe if he'll take Jordan to the DiMansion. T tells him he's going to take out Gabi.

Rafe is fine with T and Gabi dating. Nick tries to leave, Julie begs him to stay. Gabi passes out. Sami holds the baby for dear life.

Nick says he didn't know it was Ari's christening. Julie sees Nick's scar on his head. Hope asks him what happened.

Nick doesn't know what happened to him to cause the scar. T admits he hasn't asked out Gabi yet. Lucas shows up at the Club.

Lucas calls the DiMansion "the mausoleum of death and despair." Lucas insists he's not dating Sheryl. Jordan and Sheryl head to the club.

Nick says he didn't get in touch with anyone because he wanted it to be a surprise. Abby asks EJ what is really going on.

Nick tells Gabi that she fainted because she saw him, "and they both know why."

Nick says he's back to stay and he will turn his life around. The girls meet Rafe and Lucas at the Club. Jordan is wearing a beautiful dress

Sheryl asks about the christening. Rafe shows Jordan pictures. Rafe strokes Jordan's arm. Julie is happy that Nick is staying.

Hope & Julie refuse to go to the Mansion. Everyone else heads to the Mansion. Nick congratulates Will. Abby tells Nick she's glad he's back

Sami tells EJ to keep Abby quiet. Hope asks Nick to tell her the truth.

Rafe wants to go dancing with Jordan. She thought he was talking about dancing horizontally.

Sami says she thought they did the world a favor by killing Nick. Gabi wonders if they are not in the clear.

Nick tells Hope and Julie that he learned that he cannot control everything. Julie wants to put some weight on Nick.

Hope isn't buying Nick's story. Wilson show up at the Mansion. Kate says EJ "needs to stick a cork in it and shut her (Abby) up."

Abby apologizes for blaming EJ for killing Nick. Abby thinks someone tried to kill Nick because of his scar.

Rafe asks Jordan if she was happy when she first met him. Kate thinks Nick can't go to the police, no one would believe him.

Kate looks for Stefano's champagne. Hope, Julie, and Nick eat at the Pub. Nick doesn't remember where he came to, says a stranger helped him

Julie thinks Nick was mugged in NYC. Hope thinks that's why his texts were odd. Nick says he's getting a new job, and a new place.

Hope asks Nick how do they know he's not lying about not lying in the future. Abby says she keeps thinking of EJ.

Abby tells EJ she's "desperate" to be with him again.

Kate tells Sami that she "couldn't be happier" for Rafe and Jordan. Julie wants Hope to give Nick a break.

Hope tells Nick that she's going to be watching him very closely then leaves. Abby tells EJ that she knows he feels it too.

Abby tells EJ that she might tell Hope what EJ said about Nick to jog his memory, then leaves. Oh, that sounds like sexual blackmail.

Sheryl and Lucas ended up not talking about business. Lucas gets a call, Sheryl leaves. Jordan says she never had close friends.

Jordan tells Rafe that there are certain things she'll never talk about. Wilson and the baby leave. Kate wonders where EJ is.

Abby is in the hospital uniform supply room. EJ comes in. Nick finds Gabi at the park. He says he's glad he finally got her alone.

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