Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday's "Semi-Annual Murder" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Ejami fight and make up again, Gabi freaks out that Abby is going to talk to Hope about Nick, Abby and EJ end up on Smith Island, Daniel rescues Brady from a robbery, Eric finally admits he has feelings for Nicole, and Eric recommits to the church.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Kate walks in on a half naked Rafe with Jordan. Abby tells Gabi that Nick's text says things are going swimmingly with him.

EJ asks Sami if she's going to marry him or not. Eric looks at pics of Nicole. Nicole looks over the proofs. Dan talks to Maggie.

Dan tells Maggie that Brady relapsed. Brady buys drugs while someone watches. Eric wants to talk about Brady.

Dan and Maggie call around for Brady. Dan heads to the park. 2 guys approach Brady asking for his watch and the coke.

Ejami argue about Sami sneaking out of the house. Abby asks Gabi why she's upset about Nick.

Rafe leaves to get dressed. Abby asks Gabi if something happened between her and Nick.

EJ tells Sami that she's happy with him helping clean up her "semi-annual murder." lol

Sami says she'll marry EJ today if he tells her the truth about Kristen. Ericole discuss Brady. Nic lovingly looks at Eric.

Maggie asks Nicole if she's seen Brady. Brady gets beat up.

Gabi tries to leave. Abby says she'll call Hope to discuss Nick hurting Gabi. EJ says the drugs were his idea to use on Eric.

Sami is not amused with EJ's sarcasm. EJ says he found out an hour before the wedding. Sami talks about her almost weddings.

Sami says she's going to Chicago for work or she's moving out. Dan beats up the guy who robbed Brady. Brady is out cold.

Maggie tells Nicole that Dan went 2 the park. Eric meets with Father Matt. Eric admits to having feelings for Nicole "far beyond friendship"

Kate says Rafe has a crush on his caregiver. She tells Jordan that she wants to start over with her. Rafe overhears that part.

Brady comes to. Nicole and Dan take him home. Eric admits to romantic feelings for Nicole. Father Matt asks if he still wants to be a priest

Sami says she will not be EJ's hostage. EJ tells her to go on her trip. Gabi tells Abby that she's not scared. Hope is on Smith Island.

Eric says he wants to be a priest unconvincingly. He says Nicole has moved on with another man. Eric says Nicole doesn't want him.

Maggie asks Brady to tell the truth. He says he played his friends. Maggie wants to talk about a program. He doesn't want one.

Nicole gives Brady his watch. Maggie offers to take him to a meeting now. Brady thanks Dichole. Kate tells Rafe about Ari's christening.

Gabi goes to the DiMansion looking for Sami. EJ takes her into the living room. Gabi thinks Nick is still alive. She forgot Kate is texting.

How did Gabi not realize that Kate was texting on Nick's phone when she did it right in front of her weeks ago?

Gabi mentions Abby to EJ. Abby makes plans to go to Smith Island.

Kate leaves. Dichole back at her office discussing Brady. Dan says Brady is lucky to have her in his corner.
Gabi tells EJ that Abby is going to talk to Hope about Nick. EJ texts from Gabi to Abby. Abby texts she's going to Smith Island.

EJ plans to go to Smith Island, he tells Gabi to go home and not answer her phone.

Jordan tells Rafe that things are going too fast for her. She offers to take him to a sports bar. Kate plans her surprise for Jordan.

Maggie tells Brady that he needs to talk to Victor. Brady goes for the booze when Maggie leaves.

Eric catches Dichole in a hug. She says she's lucky to have Dan in her life. Abby is at the cabin, EJ shows up.

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